Monday, 2022-12-26

nephrosI can not log into the Forum at the moment. Getting a 502 bad gateway error.10:12
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malnephros[web]: seems to work fine when I tried to login11:07
nephros[web]mal: getting it on the notebook (firefox) and the device (SFOS browser).11:52
nephros[web]hmm, works in private browsing window (firefox) - must be one of them blockers.11:54
malnephros[web]: I used firefox on my computer without issues13:23
HengYeDev[m] might help with the camera on pinephone?15:42
ThaodanHengYeDev[m]:  Not sure but that might be a topic for #sailfishos-porters16:07
ThaodanAnyone managed to fit a pulley menu, a page header and webview in the same page?16:10
nephros[web]Thaodan: yes.
Thaodannephros[web]: danke16:21
nephros[web]Oh, I lied, the header isn't a true PageHeader there.16:22
ThaodanIt does look similar, to be honest I almost gave up since the on our side the oauth signin pages look different.16:23
ThaodanI'm redesigning the Quickddit SignInpage.16:24
nephros[web]Thaodan: Oh you're working on Quickddit? Can you incorporate this?
nephros[web]i.e. make it quicker to switch accounts if you have multimple.16:27
ThaodanThe current sign page uses a pulley menu to cancel or reload, I think I'll just use a dialogheader instead.16:27
Thaodannephros[web]: Yes I do, I can look into adopting that shure.16:28
ThaodanIt does make sense.16:28
ThaodanIt also could make sense to  have a small welcome screen that opens the account setup initially.16:28
nephros[web]Thanks, would be cool. One less thing to maintain for me.16:32
nephros[web]And yea, account switching start page sounds useful.16:32
ThaodanTo be honest I have to much to do, I'm looking for a few people to work on port related things such as automatic updates or to setup some new irc bots.16:35
nephros[web]I'd help but fear I'm the wrong guy for either.16:40
Thaodannephros[web]: Quickddit18:46
nephros[web]Thaodan: thanks! I shall have a look tomorrow!22:09
Thaodannephros[web]: regarding your path, does this make it redundant for you?
nephros[web]Thaodan: I'm always for replacing Buttons with Pulleys ;) I guess it does yes. thanks.22:26

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