Wednesday, 2022-12-28

UmeaboyHow can one tell what Android version a Sailfish OS version is based upon? I know Lineage OS has a list that shows what AOSP version it's based on.00:03
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ilpianistarinigus: I'm writing one UI application (two, actually) that wraps a binary which I download and ship with the application itself. I'm allowed to push this to chum?08:05
nephrosQ: which parts of the OS consume the info in mobile-broadband-provider-info/serviceproviders.xml?09:19
nephrosand is it build-time or runtime?09:20
rinigusilpianista: I think that if that binary is in the rpm or source repo then it should be no go. If user downloads after starting UI, it should be fine. At least that's my understanding of the rules09:22
rinigusCc piggz ^09:23
ilpianistarinigus: it isn't just a binary, there's also a systemd service file and I would avoid to mess with installing those at the first application start09:24
ilpianista(oh well, I could still ship the systemd service file in the rpm...)09:25
rinigusilpianista: can that binary be built from source? Then you could package it separatly as RPM and use as a dependency for UI09:27
ilpianistarinigus: that was my plan B. Both are golang applications. Is out there some example already?09:28
rinigusilpianista: not that I am aware of. Is it packaged for Fedora? Then you could probably use their packaging scripts09:29
nephrosgolang, like rust/cargo aps are a pain to build beacause of theri reliance on pulling   stuff from the net at build time.09:32
ilpianistaoh right, there's this ^09:34
nephroson OBS, is it reasonably secure to %define API keys and similar in the package meta (prjconf)?10:42
rinigusilpianista: I don't know how to get around it with OBS. Suse builds at OBS, maybe they have some tricks with golang packaging. Surely don't want to force working on packaging more than on app :(11:17
rinigusnephros: so far, we don't have any secure way of keeping api keys. Mainly via obscurity11:19
jaimeMFOn openSUSE the go dependencies are vendored using an OBS service An example is rclone:
ThaodanYou can do the same on Sailfish OS as the obs service is run locally.13:54
nephrosVery cool, didn't know about those services. Might try for rclone source build one of these days.18:13
nephrosThough the binary works perfectly.18:14
Thaodannephros: you instal them locally and  run osc service <service>18:17
nephrosExcellent, thanks!18:18
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