Wednesday, 2023-01-11

poetasterpiggz, rinigus I just decided it's not enough time savings to try to integrate automation from github. It also happens that I sometimes need to rebuild a release on github and it would be stupid to cascade a fault.09:46
piggzrinigus: ping15:39
Teknoany guess when sailfish is ported to 10 IV ?16:07
poetasterpiggz, I was going to starts sysmon on the GS5 to try to log what's eating battery. what would you suggest I do to collect info?16:29
piggzanyone know how to use sfdk to add a repo to a target?18:03
piggzpoetaster: honestyl, ive no idea .... would be good to get top output periodically?18:54
piggzrinigus: around?18:54
riniguspiggz: pong19:03
piggzrinigus: lo ... the platform independent controls ... ComboBoxPL on kirgami ... it shows the first item in the model, but is disabled and i cant see why, any ideas?19:07
riniguspiggz: just checking pure maps - don't see any recent changes in it19:09
piggzim still bringing up the app on silica so not sure there if it works, but it should, its copied from advanced-camera19:09
piggzactually, thats different controls ...19:10
piggznot sure i have any combo boxes on amazfish19:10
riniguspiggz: there are several in pure maps and seem to be working fine19:11
poetasterpiggz, ok. how-about datamash -H --sort --whitespace  median 9 < /var/log/sysstat/pidstats.11-01-202219:18
poetastersorry. was one of those days.19:18
poetasterpiggz, shit. you can have it pid wise. sysstat is installable :)19:19

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