Friday, 2023-01-20

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poetasterthis one's funny: gst-launch-1.0 pulsesrc  ! audioconvert ! vorbisenc ! oggmux ! filesink location=blah.ogg14:36
attahpiggz: soon, maybe
attahBut i guess that explains my lack of success?18:26
piggzi guess18:34
piggzyou could check your on device config18:35
piggzattah: ^18:35
attahmhm... thing i feel i should know but don't, number 57618:35
piggzattah: zcat /proc/config.gz18:36
attahNo USB_VIDEO there now18:37
attahAh, right... and the link is not obvious on how i arrived there... it is from a lena submodule update from like yesterday18:39
malthat is just change in sony kernel repo which was brought in with other changes18:53
piggzattah: be pro, and build yourself a kernel ;)18:53
attahVery nice changes all the same18:54
attahHmmm... a bit daring for a daily driver18:54
attahAnd thats more of a hadk and not a sfdk thing, or?18:55
attahLet's find out!18:55
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attahno dice19:03

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