Saturday, 2023-02-11

rinigusfiled as a bug report - any idea why are we stuck with very old boost?
attahIdunno... but can't help but sympathize... taking on Boost as a dependency is a sure way to derail a project, so many people dislike it - i.e. spending time on it does not come naturally14:37
attahOoof and it has 20 patches as it is packaged14:39
rinigusyeah. but being stuck from 2017 version - maybe its time to move on :)14:41
attahWell... do a PR?14:42
attahI got a new Poppler version in that i wanted14:43
rinigusprobably should...14:54
malrinigus: probably is was not updated because it still worked and since all packages built using the current version so nobody got around to updating it, maybe I should have a look15:01
rinigusmal: that was my guess as well. would be nice to get it bumped15:02
malnot sure how easy it will be, hopefully nothing using it breaks15:02
pherjung[m]mal: if you take a look, could you please update the bug report and add the tag tracked? Thank you in advance15:03
malI have never understood how the tracker tag is added :D15:03
pherjung[m]once you opened the thread, a pen should appear near the title. Click on it and then tag as tracked15:07
pherjung[m]this one
rinigusmal: I hope nothing will break, should be OK usually15:30
Mister_Magisterwtf 4.5 doesn't have voicecall-qt5-devel20:01
Mister_Magisteris -devel merged with non-devel package?20:01
Mister_Magisterno it wasn't20:14
Mister_Magisterwhere is the -devel package gone20:20
malwhat do you need it for?20:30
b100dian[m]abranson or _Thaodan : is it a security feature that the secrets daemon returns PermissionDenied only when a debugger is attached to the app (I would guess so, but it could also be a bug).21:07
b100dian[m]This sample Sailtrix usage:
b100dian[m]Made me revert to printf debugging, which was great since I had most of the code as sources to add printf to:) But wondering if it is expected21:08

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