Saturday, 2023-02-18

b100dian[m]chum question: what would be the best option for a qml app that wraps a web app built with nodejs? I see:18:39
b100dian[m] a). building the webapp on say, github CI, then building the qml app on obs + Source1=https://path-to-built-tar or18:39
b100dian[m] b). building the webapp using nodejs inside OBS by attaching something like the yarn cache (in this particular case) to the build18:39
b100dian[m](additional question would be, if the build can be only done once for all architecture since its noarch in the end)18:41
b100dian[m]maybe rinigus or piggz ^^ ?19:20
rinigusvlagged: no idea, have stayed clear from node so far. Maybe someone can help19:36
b100dian[m]Thanks for the answer rinigus. The question is not how to do it (I can do both) so no experince with node is needed. It's about openness19:40
b100dian[m]It is more like "which is the most close to open source" -> integrating a build from another CI or wrapping a static pre-packaged cache (which is somewht inspectable, I mean is still concatenated javascripts19:41
b100dian[m]on a practical side, nodejs is a beast in cpu time to build so...19:43
rinigusvlagged: good question! I don't know and we should figure out something. I wonder who should we ask.22:07

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