Monday, 2023-02-27

poetasterpiggz, was going to update from devel .16 to testing .1811:38
poetasterpiggz, The following 4 packages are going to be REMOVED:11:38
poetaster  droid-config-halium-mimameid-policy-settings droid-hal-version-halium-mimameid patterns-sailfish-device-adaptation-halium-mimameid patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-halium-mimameid11:38
piggz[m]that sounds bad :D11:38
piggz[m]check your URLs, show zypper ls11:38
poetasterzypper ls11:42
poetaster#  | Alias                       | Name                        | Enabled | GPG Check | Refresh | Type11:42
poetaster1  | adaptation-common           | adaptation-common           | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | rpm-md11:42
poetaster2  | adaptation-community        | adaptation-community        | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | plaindir11:42
poetaster3  | adaptation-community-common | adaptation-community-common | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | rpm-md11:42
poetaster4  | adaptation-community-kernel | adaptation-community-kernel | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | plaindir11:42
poetaster5  | adaptation-halium           | adaptation-halium           | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | plaindir11:42
poetasterplaindir is wrong.11:42
piggzthose ones that are plaindir are wrong11:42
poetasteradaptation-community =
poetasteradaptation-community-kernel =
poetasterlooks wrong too11:43
piggzyeah, its not using the new style subdir for the version11:44
poetasterI did s/devel/testing/ in /usr/share/ssu/features.d/adaptation-community.ini and community-common11:45
poetaster/usr/share/ssu/features.d/adaptation-halum.ini has : adaptation-halium =
poetaster which looks ok.11:46
poetastererrr shouldn't that be adaptation-halium.ini?11:48
poetaster looks like it should work.11:57
poetastermoving back to .16 devel all looks rpm-md I could just stick to devel :)12:02
poetasterpiggz, in other news, all the cpu jumps are systemd-logind and -journald -udevd12:09
piggzmaybe a sailor has an ideA?12:10
poetasterpiggz, I'll ask around. did I screw up the switch from devel to testing? or should I just stay on testing like a good little gp.12:15
piggzpoetaster: you need to manualy change the urls when switching from devel to testing, then, install the community-adaptation-testing from the repo to ensure it stays'12:18
poetasterah. ok s/devel/testing/ ssu zypper ref , install community-adaptation-testing, then zypper ref/dup?12:22
poetasterbut the halium repo is wrong. hmm.12:23
poetasterpiggz, is the kernel here: /obs/nemo:/testing:/hw:/halium:/11:/
piggz[m]no, the kernel is in the mimameid repo, halium is just gerneic stuff12:30
poetasterwhere is that?12:32
poetasterold line was:
poetasterthat one exists, but testing does not.12:34
poetasterand the kernel line in adaptation-community has 486 so am confused12:35
poetasteradaptation-community-kernel = not correct?12:36
piggzpoetaster: halium 11 testing is
piggzkernel testing is the i486 repo in
poetasterno Idea what goes where: adaptation-community-kernel =
piggzto change that to testing, change to but replace with ${RELEASE} etc12:47
poetaster halium. ok.12:51
poetastersigh. still fucked.12:54
poetaster[root@Phone22 features.d]# cat adaptation-halum.ini12:56
poetasterrepos = adaptation-halium12:56
poetasterpattern = Feature halum adaptation12:56
poetasterdescription = Enable ssu for community ports based on halium12:56
poetasteradaptation-halium =
poetasterpiggz, I think this is correct.
piggzif zypper ls says rpm-md then you got it13:12
poetasterwell, we'll see if the device comes up :)13:25
poetasterah. ok. sofarsogood. sim card hack.13:26
attahpoetaster: The more i read about the thoughts/needs of keypeer, the more it sounds like it should run on cloudflare's "serverless" stuff20:23
attah...or equivalent, of course20:24
BlumenkraftHi guys. On my X10mkIII /var/log/lastlog is pretty effin huge, around 141 megabytes. Is that... normal?21:11
BlumenkraftI mean, shouldn't it rotate on some point, or is it going to grow to infinity and beyond? :)21:12
malBlumenkraft: same size on my device21:29
poetasterBlumenkraft, ah, I wonder if that's why journald is spinning it's wheels?21:32
poetasterattah, I think for the prototyping, we can stick to plain virtuals on hardware I have. why do you think 'serverless' is, err, the thing?21:33
attahpoetaster: well... "edge" or at least somewhat local presence of compute; ability to cache and proxy the api calls with private storage to hold keys21:35
Blumenkraftmal, Ok.22:20
BlumenkraftNothing wrong there then. It just looks like it's bigger than it should be.22:21
malseems a bit big indeed, need to have a look where that is configured22:52

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