Wednesday, 2023-03-08

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norayrpiggz, I understand this is very hard to fix, and even might be hardware related10:08
norayrbut on pinephone, both under postmarketos, and under maemo with my package,10:08
piggz[m]what issue?10:08
norayri have a need to unpair and pair the watch every day, or even several times per day10:09
norayrok so the issue is it losts device10:09
norayrand then is unable to reconnect.10:09
norayrand i see in the log its loop10:09
piggz[m]ah, pinetime10:09
norayrno no, amazfish bip10:10
norayroh. amazfit bip.10:10
norayrAbstractDevice::reconnection Timer10:10
norayrthen Lost connection10:10
piggz[m]not had an issue with GTR210:10
norayrthen QBLEDevice::disconnectFromDevice10:10
norayrthen QBLEDevice::connectToDevice10:10
norayrI believe under sailfish it was working very well.10:11
norayrbut it was some time ago, like a year ago, so I don't know maybe something broke in the code10:11
norayrbut I think not.10:11
norayrI think this is how it behaves on non-sailfish devices.10:11
norayrif I unpair it and pair again10:12
norayrit actually has troubles to connect again.10:12
norayrit looses the device.10:12
norayrthen i have to wait, it tries to connect, and sometimes succeeds if it is first time after pairing.10:12
norayrand only then I get on the watch the message dialog if I'd like to accept connection.10:12
norayror I do disconnect and connect several times, with pauses10:13
norayrand then I get the dialog.10:13
norayrI don't get the dialog immediately after pairing.10:13
piggz[m]ill dig out my bip10:13
norayrAnd the only way to connect would be to unpair/pair, disconnect/connect, then it'll connect.10:13
norayrThank you that would be amazing.10:13
norayrif you find something and fix, please ping me here. I'll update the maemo package.10:15
piggzlbt: Keto: hi, anyway to tell OBS via some config to create a folder in the build vm before starting to install packages?13:16
lbtcreate a package that makes the folder and preinstall it13:17
piggzlbt: hmmm .. maybe ... ive created a pacakge which installs to /home/.system ... but when installing it as part of a BR for another package it fails to install with cpio permission error13:18
lbtthat's just a packaging error13:19
piggzin what way?13:19
piggzit works ok locally13:19
lbtthat dir is part of the package13:19
piggz /home/.system?13:20
piggzthats intended13:20
lbtas such you have to make it and claim ownership13:21
lbtie mkdir in the %install and list it in the %files13:21
piggzlooking at the sizes, i could use /opt without much detriment to user free space13:21
piggzhmm, ok13:22

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