Saturday, 2023-04-01

rinigushafmed: please don't submit directly to sailfishos:chum. you are supposed to adjust config in sailfishos:chum:testing and submit to sailfishos:chum from there06:08
riniguspiggz: I am still not able to fix qtwebengine and, unfortunately, running out of ideas as well.07:21
riniguscurrent state is summarized at
rinigusthere is also a link to RPMs that can be used for testing.07:22
piggz[m]ok, i guess move on for now ... could perhaps raise a bug on qt with all info, see if anyone has a siggestion?07:22
rinigusI wonder if it is due to some bug in our SDK. chromium, in general, asks for 64 bit build host. our SDK is 32 bit - maybe something goes wronge there07:23
rinigusbut then, I expect that compilation would just fail07:24
piggz[m]you could compile on your phone :D07:24
rinigusanyway, would be good to test on some other hardware. can't rule out that my device has some issues07:24
riniguspiggz: was / am considering it07:25
rinigus... compilation on the phone07:25
rinigusmay take few years, though07:25
piggz[m]rinigus: could also nerd-snipe some other devs/sailiors by suggesting they couldnt fix it07:27
riniguspiggz: hence discussing this on this channel07:28
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riniguspiggz: started compilation on device some time ago. don't have much hopes, but would be silly not to try08:46
attahThe forum doesn't seem entirely healthy... threads never getting marked as read and menu not loading...12:35
piggz[m]attah: great, screenshots?14:00
attahextremely basic14:04
piggz[m]when i get a few minutes, i will port ny owncloud newsreader to kirigami i think, as my first real demo14:05
piggz[m]btw, kirigami2 is built and working, just not in chum yet14:05
attahI should really port SeaPrint to Kirigami... but i have way too much logic in QML, and the template build system is just too different14:08
piggz[m]attah: what do you mean "too different" ? i made it install qml in the same locations as a reguls sailfish devie14:20
attahI guess i should have said the official desktop sample project... perhaps if i lean on your sample it will just work(tm)14:23

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