Monday, 2023-04-24

Mister_MagisterJolla is so annoying that i just want to collect opinions on voicecall plugin and shove it up… jolla's rear charging port07:41
Mister_Magister"um aktchually, plugin that's perfectly working, has perfect reason to exist, you're not supposed to do that stop it. Using libs of the system? what are you dumb?"07:42
Mister_Magisterimagine using their os nooo you're not allowed, only jolla07:42
Mister_MagisterThaodan: do you mind doing me a favour08:10
piggzIf an app has Sandboxing=Disabled ... is it still prevented from making dbus calls to the systemd dbus service ?14:55
riniguspiggz: does it work without invoker?15:41
riniguspoetaster: how is kio progressing? I stumbled on it while working on dark themes (have to package plasma-integration) and that does need KIO15:42
poetasterrinigus, I got stuck somewhere reducing to 'core'. let me see.15:44
piggzrinigus: need to check15:45
riniguspoetaster: maybe we should open an issue at /qt5 and mark all libs that are needed. as we have done for kf5/qt5. then we can all chip in with it15:45
riniguspiggz: but if just running from shell :)15:45
piggzrinigus: btw, on a fresh pinephone pro, angelfish insalls and runs perfectly, so +1 for native builds15:46
poetasterrinigus, just tell me where you'd like the repos and I'll do my best15:46
poetasterpiggz, ah, cool.15:46
riniguspiggz: I could see that droidian users had the same issue as we did with angelfish/flatpak (not showing status bar). so, native builds are the way to go15:47
riniguspoetaster: transfer what you have to github chum - would be good to have all in place15:48
poetasterrinigus, can I do that from within the repos?15:48
poetasterrinigus, settings 'owner'?15:48
riniguspoetaster: in github: settings/general/bottom of page - transfer ownership15:49
rinigusthat way we were transferring to sailfishos-chum . these days we just make new repo there directly and will add you as owner15:50
poetasterok, I just checked my last (patch) commits to kio in but I don't think it's prime time. I think there is a dependancy that needs to be preceed.15:51
riniguspoetaster: there were some other dependencies that you packaged as well. would be good to get those too15:53
poetasterrinigus is sailfishos-chum a user or org?15:53
rinigusit is org15:54
poetasterYou don’t have the permission to create public repositories on sailfishos-chum15:55
poetasterrinigus, I think I need to be a member?15:55
riniguspoetaster: should be still possible to transfer ownership, I think. piggz , any comments regarding it/15:56
poetasterjust cause kde was giving me a headache, I implemented exprtk in babbage. now we have a REAL programmable calculator in sfos :)15:56
poetasterI'm not allowed to transfer ownership, but let me try again, maybe I made an error.15:57
piggzim sure you can transfer ownsership, many others have right?15:57
poetasterTransfer ownership15:58
riniguspoetaster: you could be right - that's a message next to the button there. well, we can probably import it on our side15:58
poetasteris what I tried and it did not work.15:58
riniguscan you give urls and I try that way15:58
riniguspoetaster: ^15:58
poetasteror just add me to sailfishos-chum with rights.15:59
poetasterrinigus, just noticed I was missing two files on kio... pushing16:05
poetasterrinigus, I think it's 'almost finished'16:06
poetasterrinigus, look at the last commit.16:06
riniguspoetaster: you should be able to transfer repos as soon as you accept the invite16:09
riniguspoetaster: you don't need to change defaults in cmake, but just set those with -DKIOCORE_ONLY=ON in rpm spec at cmake config stage.16:12
poetasterok, will transfer and then I would guess I need to checkout again?16:13
poetasterrinigus, -DKIOCORE_ONLY=ON yes, and I think there are other options I should have handled that way.16:14
poetasterrinigus, I'm going to skip kdoctools for now, it has a number of external deps.16:14
riniguspoetaster: easiest is to clone again. but you can also change git remote to new location (remove remote origin and add it back)16:15
rinigusonly kauth disabling wouldn't work without options. rest should be fine16:16
poetasterrinigus, kcompletion, kcrash, kio on the way ....16:17
poetasterrinigus, I'll look at after I'm finished with babbage ... I also want to have graphing, damn it.16:18
riniguspoetaster: I'll look into kauth meanwhile16:18
poetasterrinigus, they've transfered I'll re-origin.16:18
riniguspoetaster: excellent! I will add them to qt5 and adjust at chum16:19
rinigus(at OBS)16:19
poetasterrinigus, cool.16:23
poetasterbabbage now supports: 1. var a:=0; var b:=2; var v[3]:={5,10,15}; 2. for ( a ; a < v[] ; a += 1) { b+=v[a];16:24
poetasterand now for the symbol tables and functions :)16:25
poetasterrinigus, kio still reqs. kf5-kservice and kf5-solid (which may have others.) not sure I'll get to it today.16:57
riniguspoetaster: no worries, finishing kauth16:57
rinigusI'll let you know when I start with one of those16:58
poetasterrinigus, I'll post here if / when I pick a module. will look at the chum repos first.16:59
rigoanything on the horizon for Xperia IV?17:27
x2sNot really.17:28
x2sThere was a question about it in one of the community notes a few weeks ago and it was basically a no.17:29
x2srigo: third question.17:31
piggzrinigus: becuase we have ktrip ... im now debugging issues with it :D18:06
piggzits API usage for the UK isnt very good!18:06
riniguspiggz it's also crashing a lot for me. Will have to debug that as well. But that's good - we can work together with KDE folks on common apps18:13
rinigusWas planning to deal with crashes when I get dark themes working on sfos. Turned out that it required few extras18:14
x2soh, wrong chan :D18:27
rigox2s, merci beaucoup! :)18:29
rigo"plausible" :) Need to buy one and retire my 10plus once it gets supported. Trouble is, once they support a hardware, the market is almost empty18:32
x2sYes. Sadly.18:56
x2sI think the better strategy would be to support other hardware projects, like librem or /e/ or look to create something together with them18:57
x2sadapting takes a very long time for a small team (and if you want to do it good, unlike the whole Android landscape)18:58
x2sThis would maybe allow for longer product cycles as well, not like Sony who is pumping out ten new phones a year18:59
riniguspoetaster: started on ksolid19:12
poetasterrinigus, cool.20:31
riniguspoetaster: I'll finish it tomorrow , didn't have enough time tonight for checking dependencies20:38

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