Wednesday, 2023-05-17

poetasterpiggz[m], Rephone install after a volla flash went fine. Phone works well. 6GB ram. nice.11:55
dracks[m]One question, I'm working on a small update of my app quicklaunch, what I should do, the update first in the testing project of the service file, and when is tested and working, the update in the non-testing project? or I need to ask for approval, too? (in that case?) and this will generate a new package and keep the old? or it will replace the old one? thanks!14:42
poetasterdracks[m], if you mean chum:testing, just update the service file in testing, enable testing on device, test, disable testing on device, promote to chum propper15:17
dracks[m]what do you mean promote to chum propper?17:42
dracks[m]and another question, what do you recommend to add changelog? in the same description?17:45
dracks[m]another question, is there any way to detect the app has been activated or deactivated?18:24

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