Saturday, 2023-05-27

poetasterrinigus, opt-kf5-libqxmpp provides libQXmppQt505:56
poetasterrinigus, kaidan complains about an issue with Qt5Positioning. I made a ticket for that on github in the qtlocation repo.06:00
riniguspoetaster: it doesn't provide it in terms of RPM symbols. see the detailed description of RPM and see how requirements are resolved06:01
rinigusright now you cannot install that RPM as requirements are not provided (based on that OBS page)06:01
rinigusor here
poetasterrinigus, ok, don't get it.06:02
riniguspoetaster: we remove all provided libs as provided symbols using a macro %{?opt_kf5_default_filter}06:03
poetasterrinigus, omemo in testing sh: /usr/bin/python: No such file or directory (makes sense) but I didn't get this error in my repo. I wonder why?06:03
rinigusthis is to avoid clashing with regular qt (as not having 2 sets of RPMs with provided - 5.6 and 5.15)06:04
rinigusso, you also have to remove requirements for that lib in the SPEC.06:04
rinigushow to do that is documented at
poetasterrinigus, I did. The requirements and provides/obsoletes.06:05
poetasterwouldn't build otherwise.06:05
riniguspoetaster: not for all - libQXmppQt5 is still required. you have to remove that as well06:06
rinigusadd it to line 29 of
poetasterrinigus, ah, ok. got ya. that is why I had copied the libqca line. sigh.06:07
riniguspoetaster: where is the error with kaidan reported?06:08
poetasterah, the python issue is < 3.406:10
riniguspoetaster: add corresponding geoclue plugin package to build requirements. see package names at
rinigusfor that plugin, add opt-qt5-qtlocation-pos-geoclue06:16
rinigusre python issue - don't follow, but it is probably OK06:17
poetasterrinigus, it's only a problem on old sfos. ok, geoclue it is. I think this is why most are now packaginng QtPosition outside of location06:23
riniguspoetaster: plugins are packaged separately to avoid geoclue2 plugin to take over geoclue1 plugin. otherwise we will not have location in our devices06:25
poetasterrinigus. you mean in the opt context ?06:29
riniguspoetaster: yes. I don't think geoclue2 plugin for qt5.6 is packaged for sfos. not sure if it exists even06:30
poetasterdoes not look plugable yet. 5.4 of qtlocation is a mess. it's a bit tragic for us. 5.6 is clean. much nicer code. I'm backporting stuff.06:36
poetasterrinigus, nothing provides opt-qt5-qtlocation-pos-geoclue-devel ?06:36
poetasteroops. not devel.06:36
poetasterrinigus, opt-kf5-libqxmpp  fixed.06:40
riniguspoetaster: it is not fixed. see requirements again. best is to check those requirements for all RPM packages generated by SPEC. OBS provides nice interface for it, so it is easy to use06:49
poetasterrinigus, I meant fixed in the sense that it builds :) it still also has a doc block although that's not being generated.06:50
rinigusnote that is now missing requirement. also, note that you haven't added dependencies to required packages06:50
rinigusfor example, that qca lib requirement means that you have to add RPM with it to requirements06:51
riniguspoetaster:  as a routine, I usually make packages without that requirement macro and then add all packages which would provide corresponding libs. otherwise we end up getting packages which have messed up requirements06:52
poetasterrinigus, I need to read the source of those macros. since I obviously have no clue.06:53
rinigussimilar in kf5 repo06:54
riniguspoetaster: did you read
poetasterhow did I lose qca. sigh.06:56
poetasterrinigus, I don't get how it builds ... there is a build flag with   -DWITH_QCA=ON \06:59
riniguspoetaster: you have to create %global __requires_exclude ^libQXmpp*$ statement which would cover the both libs06:59
rinigusit builds as you have buildrequires. that missing requires is for package after building07:00
poetasterhmm. strange. it's not in the opensuse spec as a requires.07:00
poetasterrinigus, but you mean, add Requires: + __requires_exclude ^(libQXmpp*|libqca-qt5.*)$07:04
riniguspoetaster: you haven't replied to my question regarding reading docs. as for your question, probably. but it is draft description and can be interpreted differently. so, I'll wait for your implementation in SPEC :)07:07
poetasterrinigus, yes I did read it. That does not mean I understood the ramifications of any given sentence :)07:10
poetasterrinigus, BuildRequires:  opt-qt5-qtlocation-pos-geoclue is not sufficient07:11
riniguspoetaster: read the error and add accordingly :)07:13
poetasterhmmm. RTFL.07:14
poetasterhmm. still don't get it.07:15
poetasterrinigus, I believe you mean that BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gstreamer-1.0) is not doable after %{?opt_kf5_default_filter}07:25
riniguspoetaster: no, gstreamer should be just fine after that macro08:04
poetasterrinigus, thanks. I think it might be handy to build a list of provided packages structured so that one could see, as with qtlocation, where to find things.08:06
riniguspoetaster: that's what OBS is doing for us already08:06
poetasterrinigus, I mean a single page list. as it is, I'm peeking in spec files to find out which names are where.08:08
poetasterthere Requires:      opt-qca-qt5 is in the wrong place, otherwise correct?08:09
riniguspoetaster: problem would be on who is going to make such list and who is going to keep it up to date. there could be some rpm / zypper tools to generate it08:11
rinigusre requires: you have to check which subpackage requires it. again, I suggest to build without macro and check requirements (in terms of libs) for every package in that spec. then add opt packages as requires and add macro. by adding macro before doing full work on requirements you waste your time and it will lead to crappy package08:13
riniguspoetaster: ^08:13
poetasterrinigus, this is the last time I'm doing a kde app related thing. kde folk have a habit of re-inventing everything in qt after their own image. it's a nightmare.08:14
poetasterrinigus, I shouldn't have touched this in the first place. not my cup of tea.08:15
poetasterany idea where FindKQuickImageEditor comes from ?08:15
poetasterhmmm. kquickimageeditor seems to not be packaged.08:20
poetasterrinigus, any idea if we have kf5-filesystem already?09:49
poetastersigh. for a single qml element 2 hours of packaging. I could have rebuilt the interface in that time.11:01
x2s.oO( I had to build openssl 1.0 yesterday, because one project I have to take care of needs Qt 5.5.1... oh, the pain )11:04
poetasteroh the magic or legacy :) and ridiculous dependencies.11:09
riniguspoetaster: as far as I remember, you can drop kf5-filesystem from requirements. its in kf511:09
poetasterrinigus, ok, It's built, but I think I have one or two too many buildrequires.11:09
poetasterrinigus, the qxmpp package, which is still a bit wonky, I'm going to try building outside the scope of opt. until version 1.5.1 or 2 it should build without the 5.15 requirement.11:12
riniguspoetaster: do you plan to use it in qt5.15 app?11:13
poetasterrinigus, if I also do a generic qca, that would mean chum could support which is a new xmpp client based on shmoose but with qxmpp.11:14
riniguspoetaster: just be aware that you cannot mix 5.6 and 5.15. :)11:14
poetasterrinigus, I think it needs to be done twice. sadly. kaidan, will need to get a bump to 1.5.3 soonish when they get omemo support fixed for muc.11:14
poetasterrinigus, that's what I mean. I have to build it twice.11:17
poetasterrinigus, I already made libomemo-c generic for that reason. I didn't do qxmpp generic as I should have, because I knew that kaidan will need a newer version soon.11:18
riniguspoetaster: I presume libomemo-c is not using qt. but I don't see how you can make it "generic" if qt is required11:19
poetasterrinigus, you're correct. I meant generic in the sense of usable for sailfish generally (ie. also 5.6)11:20
poetasterrinigus, we're on 5.9 in sfdk, right?11:23
poetasterrinigus, thanks.11:24
poetasterrinigus, I'm going to try building qxmpp with 5.6. ron282 has it building (1.5) without issues in the sdk (although it is claimed to require 5.9). But not today.11:25
poetasterrinigus, maybe, with your assistance (the Socratic guy) I could make a series of HOW-NOT-TOs on the forum.11:30
poetasterrinigus, I just don't get how one is supposed to package qxmpp. I'm going to try it without the opt context and see if I can get a clean package.11:48
riniguspoetaster: I don't follow. if you want to use it for qt5.6 apps then you package in a classical SFOS way. if for qt5.15 - use opt. if you need both, make 2 SPECs11:58
poetasterrinigus, yes I know that. I meant I don't know how to package it for _opt12:04
poetasterrinigus, I'm switching to a classical now, to see if I can get that clean (ie. very close to suse's)12:05
riniguspoetaster: drop kf5-filesystem requirement. or find fedora SPEC and read to see what it provides. should be safe to drop12:06
rinigusas for - you almost packaged it. can't you just fix requirements?12:07
riniguspoetaster: ^12:07
poetasterrinigus, I don't seem to know how.12:14
poetasterI've been testing in my version.12:14
poetasterrinigus,  can't you just fix requirements? where? the naming is all over the map.12:16
riniguspoetaster: I presume your regex on L12 is wrong. but I am not very good at those and have to usually test and work on them12:16
poetasterah, you mean the requires.12:17
poetasterah, that can be done on multiple lines, or?12:17
riniguspoetaster: I have to work on one other project. so, will stay away from chat. yes, I mean requires and there are docs regarding it, including SFOS packaging docs by jolla. please consult themn12:20
poetasterrinigus, okidoke. thanks for your help. I should really stay away from this to preserve our sanity.12:22
poetasterrinigus, btw, I keypeer did not get funding from protoype fund either.12:24
riniguspoetaster: thank you for applying!13:51
poetasterrinigus, ah, worth a shot. like building rpms, it's necessary to familiarize yourself with the procedure. There was a lot of competition. I knew two of those who got grants. Much more sexy.14:01
poetasterrinigus. I've got qca (with ron282's approach) building for 5.6 and qxmpp should be ready soon. I'll try switching kaidan to use those thereafter.14:02

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