Monday, 2023-05-29

poetasterpiggz, weird thing. went to make pizza, took a break, GS5 had gone 'down'. Restarted, it was like 'reset'. Checked what os, said 4.4. It's been running 4.5 for over a month.15:34
poetasterpiggz, I don't get it. I had done some opt-kf5 install stuff, but nothing remotely related to the system itself. And i had turned off chum testing again. Just to not spoil my day.15:35
poetasterpiggz, but the phone is like reset. what can I do?15:35
poetasterpiggz, ignore me. Wrong phone. I gotta get a day job.15:36
poetasterI have this bad habit of making all my phones look the same. bad idea.16:49
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riniguspoetaster: I have sent kaidan back to you in chum. according to the build results (rpm package description), few requirements are not provided and not found by that build.17:06
rinigusplease fix and resubmit again17:06
piggzpoetaster: lol -ETOOMANYPHONES17:24
direc85[m]@piggz: Me, too :')17:43
poetasterrinigus, I'm not sure what you mean by sent it back?18:05
piggzpoetaster: rejected18:06
poetasterrinigus, it's also a bit immaterial. v0.8.0 is not really getting us anywhere. I'm just testing it to see if I can get omemo, qca and qxmpp to a certain 'state' (1.5)18:06
poetasterpiggz, that's not very usefull. I don't want it in chum, I want it in testing. I'll probably throw it away anyway. I cann't maintain it.18:07
poetasterpiggz, rinigus the supporting libraries, however, I can get to a certain point. even with all of your efforts, which are great, kaidan with v0.9.1 we will not nbe abe to build on obs.18:08
piggzpoetaster: why? i think it would be a great addition18:09
poetasterpiggz, v0.8.0 is castrated vs. MUC and omemo. The reason I submitted it to testing is to see what actually happens when resolution takes place on a device. Several errors I only spotted by doing local pkcon installs having installed the requirements on device.18:11
poetasterrinigus, are you referring to:  kaidan.i486: W: desktopfile-without-binary /usr/share/applications/im.kaidan.kaidan.desktop qt-runner ?18:12
riniguspoetaster: I am referring to . See column on the right (Requires)18:13
poetasterrinigus, or: /usr/share/knotifications5/kaidan.notifyrc which I could not even using the method from kwallet to install in /opt.18:13
rinigusevery empty cell means that there is no package that provides it18:14
rinigusthere are also wrong requirements in terms of packages.18:14
riniguspoetaster: chum:testing is not for sending broken packages but as a final step before getting to chum18:14
rinigusthere is no point in taking into chum:testing if there is no plan to send it to chum proper18:15
rinigusyou can always play at your home repo18:15
poetasterrinigus, opt-kf5 is an experiment in hacking around the usuaal use of rpms.18:15
riniguspoetaster: I don't follow opt-kf5 statement. please explain18:16
poetasterrinigus, as you have yourself said quite clearly, we cannot depend on requires in the conventional sense but have to hard code everything. to discern how to do that is laborious.18:17
poetasterrinigus, to find a lower level issue (libmemo-c) I had to do installs on devices since nothing shows up on obs.18:17
poetasterrinigus, but I can 'fix' the kaidan issues if you wish, but I will not maintain it. it's not worth it. I'll help work on an alternative. 5 days of work to realize that the g++ toolchain won't get me farther an I'm burnt.18:19
riniguspoetaster: yes, it is laborious. to work around it, I am usually building using my docker images and check on them all the requirements using rpm. (don't have a history on this PC right now, so cannot provide commands). that way, most is sorted before I upload to OBS18:21
rinigusas for kaidan, then it makes sense to stop until someone will step up as a maintainer18:21
rinigusre gcc - we may have to make /opt/gcc again. although, I hope we can avoid it if jolla gets new gcc released. no idea if they even work on it18:22
poetasterrinigus, I will get it to the point that v0.8.0 builds cleanly and will advertise that fact on the forum. As for forther work, I'm going to see if I can support
poetasterrinigus, to that end I have done qca, omemo and qxmpp builds that will support that.18:23
poetasterrinigus, c++20 is becomming a necessity. Although a lot of the reasons for that are questionable.18:24
poetasterrinigus, in any case, sorry to make extra work for you.18:24
piggzyou cant blame devs for wanting to use newer/easier c++ features18:25
poetasterpiggz, the devs of kaidan implemented class operator== in the most lazy way and continue to use bad form just because 20++ might let you get away with it. suck.18:26
poetasterpiggz, I rewrote all the code in Message.h with macros (c++ 17 conform) and it worked. but that's a can of worms that, though I enjoyed the dive, it was clear to me I was not going to take to them.18:27
poetasterpiggz, I've been close reading the kpublictransport code for more than a year now and I also realized that I'm not going there. too many disagreements about how it's designed to engage in that.18:28
poetasterand all my code sucks, so better do some cleanup at home :)18:28
poetasterrinigus, how do you get to that view of kaidan you sent here? I cna't find that?18:32
poetasterrinigus, sorry, found it. never seen it before.18:33
riniguspoetaster: its a very handy view and I was referring to it when we were discussing requirements earlier (saturday?).18:35
poetasterrinigus, sigh. I had never seen that before.18:36
riniguspoetaster: well, now you have seen it :) .18:36
poetasterrinigus, which does not make me the wiser :_ ) opt-kf5-kquickimageeditor looks like it's also still /wrong/18:37
poetasterah great. shows different things on differnt archs.18:39
poetasternever mind. rebuilding.18:41
poetaster%{_opt_kf5_datadir}/knotifications5/ sigh.19:02
poetasterrinigus having gcc in a newer variant would actaully make it 'easy' to get kaidan (also qxmpp 1.5.5) building. without that, kaidan is castrated. I mena, the whole chat wars have been won by idiots anyway, but, just saying.19:08
poetasterrinigus, where else is opt-qca being used?19:26
riniguspoetaster: kf5-kwallet19:29
poetasterrinigus, ah, ok. cool. that's where I took the hint for installing notifications configs to. but that bombed.19:39
poetasterrinigus, why is that an isuse when qt5-qtcore  ... what does that mean?19:42
poetasterrinigus, I'm guessing that an over explicit define ? %global qt_version 5.15.919:43
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