Wednesday, 2023-05-31

attah"jb60823_qt6" O.o16:20
piggzattah:  ??16:56
piggzattah: with the advent of consumer usb thermal cameras for phones .. i wonder if you will eveentually get camera support16:56
direc85[m]attah: that would be cool17:27
direc85[m]piggz: that would be cool17:27
attahpiggz: one of the recent PRs coming from said branch20:58
attahdirec85[m]: no, hot! :)20:58
piggzattah: branch for?20:59
attahit's not like it is QT-core, but still... pretty interesting since it is an actual ticket21:00
attahanyway... i should sleep. Take care!21:02
piggzattah: enough to start a rumour!21:03

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