Monday, 2023-06-19

akrosio/ hey folks, been eyeing an Xperia 10 III with SailfishOS as a more reliable aternative to phones running PostmarketOS, and I'm interested to hear the perspectives of those of you who daily it. what problems might I run into? will I be comfortable if I'm used to firing up a terminal and treating my phone like I do any other Linux box, specifically with regards to mounting filesystems and using wireguard and such?20:42
malnot sure about wireguard but terminal in general is easy to use20:45
akrosiI think I saw a plugin for the settings app that lets you add wireguard VPN connections20:46
mallooks like there is such a community package20:48
henkis there any "better" keyboard for writing SMS than just "the dumb keyboard", i.e. anything with prediction/completion?20:54
malthere is completion support in the built-in keyboard, at least in the full version20:56
henkmal: i.e. the one from jolla, sailfish x? I don’t have that … I have a volla/gs29020:57
henkI cound and installed it via chum but didn’t get it working yet, I think …20:58
malI haven't tried that20:58
malseems to work for me21:00
malthat presage I mean21:00
maldid you change to the keyboard layout in the keyboard? by swiping left or right in the keyboard21:01
malthe presage is one of those21:01
malhenk: ^21:02
akrosialso, I heard suggestion of Waydroid being used instead of Jolla's compatability layer for android apps, has anyone here tried it21:04
henkmal: hm, it doesn’t turn up in the layouts in the settings under "text input", and also isn’t available in the keyboard … did I miss a step?21:08
malhenk: I only installed the package from chum, nothing more21:12
henkmal: and where does what show up exactly? in the messages app when you hold the spacebar there is a new entry? did I get that right?21:14
malboth in keyboard layout list in settings app and also in the layouts in keyboard21:15
henkhuh, strange … and the app you installed was just called "presage" in chum, by "sailfish-keyboard", correct?21:17
henkmal: did you reboot or restart anything?21:18
malmaliit presage plugin was the one I installed21:34
malhmm, or was it just presage, anyway also that plugin is now installed21:35
henkmal: via chum? I find nothing with 'mali' in chum o_O21:42
malI just searched for presage21:45
malwhich package did you install?21:46
malI have Presage English US and Maliit Presage Plugin installed, probably the first one pulled in the second21:47
henkoh, via "chum-gui"? I only see that package searching for "presage", not "Presage English US" or "Maliit Presage Plugin", not anything else, only 1 package22:04
malthere is button show all?22:07
malah, it's in the pull down menu22:07
henkoooh, thanks (:22:17
akrosihmmm, I noticed people didn't find VoLTE to work on the 10 III under Verizon... I wonder if it's possible to get working23:21
akrosiI don't know why verizon's VoLTE would be different than any other carrier, unless the modem is missing a profile for it, but  I don't know why the modem/telephony stack would support what looks like every other major US carrier23:29

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