Wednesday, 2023-07-12

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poetastermal, I'll have to go back and look at what I noted.09:08
poetasterMister_Magister, that's bull, several bugs I noted in the forum have been resolved in the last year. It's a bit more work, granted, but I've had one on one dialog and bugs solved via the forum.09:09
poetastermal, do you havw a reference to which forum entry that was?09:10
poetastermal, thanks.10:37
attah Wohoo!10:48
attahBut downloadable images for .21 being available turned out to not be quite true just yet10:49
poetastermal, I have to do some tests on my 10ii to where the gst-droid/droidmedia stuff is concerned. I don't see the same errors as sony users on the vollas.10:50
poetasterattah, ergh.10:50
Ketoattah: images are thre now :)11:21
attahKeto: thanks!11:24
poetasterattah, this release may re-incarnate a number of apps that used the declarative OSM maps. I'm keen to get working again.11:48
attahthat's cool11:49
poetaster also fun.11:52
poetasterif you drive in finland :)11:52
malI'll add .21 target to chum some time today12:24
malcommunity obs will be busy for the rest of the day building chum for .21 target12:53
attahmal: bluez --enable-experimental for headset battery levels... yay or nay?13:41
malattah: afaik that would need updated pulseaudio to actually get the information from headsets13:42
attahokay :(13:42
malI was looking into that also when I was updating the package13:43
malI was thinking of testing if it would report some battery info even without pulseaudio, maybe for some other devices but that is less useful for most users though13:43
attahNice... should have expected no less :)13:44
attahMy SurfaceDial reports battery level already at current bluez13:44
attah+/- experimental enabled in config (but rthat doesn't do anything unless built-in too, right?)13:45
malnot sure, need to check how that experimental behaves13:45
malif it can be disabled in config then it could be enabled in build but disabled in config13:45
attahmy, extremely rudimentary, understanding was that you needed both enablers13:47
attahbut admittedly that is a bit odd13:47
malattah: some devices provide battery info via separate bt service13:47
attahyes, it's probably one of them13:47
attahyes, still reporting after de-experimenting13:49 in fact i still have no idea if config file is respected when build-flag is not present13:49
attahmal: aha, that main.conf setting is newer that what we have currently... so maybe it starts working with your uplift13:55
malwhich bluez5 do you have?13:57
attahmal: 5.6513:58
attah(i have not double-checked, but the commit adding the flag add the option as commented out in main.conf, and it wasn't there)13:59
malthat should have the option, not sure if the build needs to be different13:59
malour main.conf is custom13:59
malmaybe I should sync it13:59
attahmy newly-built 5.68 has it14:00
attah...but then again i enabled experiemtal there14:00
attahso, that seems to suggest experimental takes two steps to enable, build and config14:00
attahmal: if i install 5.68 on, how do you see my chances of success?14:03
malafaik it should work, not 100% sure though14:03
attahmal: ah... so your config is not in the config package...? sneaky!14:06
malour config comes from which is the submodule of droid-config adaptation package14:09
malthat way adaptations can have their own bluetooth configs, some devices need some features disabled14:10
malas an example xperia x has own main.conf
attahso in that case, yes a sync (especially of commented-out examples) sounds like it would be in order14:11
malyeah, I can do that now since I will be updating all submodules anyway next week14:11
attahthe hero we need but didn't deserve14:12
poetasterYeAH!!! osm maps in declarative work again! yeah!15:15
malyes, that made it to the update15:21
poetastermal, it was just two lines :) I'm working on copying the parameter scheme from the here geoservices plugin to the OSM plugin ... that'll take a bit more testing :)15:22
x2sSomething is very very broken with my SailfishX right now, not sure if hardware or software, and I can't debug it here :|16:26
x2sIt doesn't properly reboot anymore, it doesn't want to start apps sometimes16:26
x2sI just made a call and couldn't hang up16:27
attahx2s: flash-rot?16:30
attahDo you by SailfishX mean Sailfish X *on Xperia X*, or what's the device?16:31
x2syes, sailfish on XperiaX16:51
x2sand flash-rot shouldn't be a thing...16:51
x2sMore a memory bug maybe16:51
x2seh, broken memory16:51
x2sbecause the applications start sometimes and sometimes not16:52
x2sNext week I really need a new device...16:59
malchum maintainers: in case you need to disable package for some arch use for example <disable arch="i586"/> in the package Meta instead of manually doing that for each release, as an example
malit has separate disabling for each release which is just not very practical17:33
malpiggz: ^17:34
piggzah good to know17:35
piggzrinigus: ^^17:39
malchum:testing is soon ready, I will soon start chum build17:47
rinigusmal: thanks!17:49
piggzmal: my important obs builds are "scheduled" becuase of chum! :D18:42
malpiggz: same here18:47
malI will let those build before starting the other chum build after testing18:47
MiikasdTodays update was so great! No browser crashes so far19:36
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