Sunday, 2023-07-23

FlohackHi guys, how can I reach out to mlehtima for questions re sensorfw?06:46
malFlohack: just ask10:24
norayrhow can i build/package software on device? can i? i need gcc and i think not many deps so i think i can setup the build of rpm packages.13:12
norayri'd like to build and package a browser which i use everyday, and i don't have it on jolla phone. (that's currently the only sailfish device i use) and also i would build it on pinephone, though i don't use sailfish on pinephone, but it is not hard to boot from sdcard.13:12
norayrbtw, it's not possible to update sailfish from some community supported repo on jolla device, right?13:13
norayrand another question - is it currently possible to not suspend the operating system on pinephone?13:14

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