Saturday, 2023-08-19

MiikasdHas anybody here used openvpn with Gemini PDA?09:41
MiikasdI copied working configurations from my Xperia 10 III to Gemini PDA, but the connection fails with "Problem with connection" on Gemini09:41
MiikasdRestarting the network subsystem from utilities did not help09:42
MiikasdHmm, I got connected by running the openvpn from command line, but the DNS still leaks :/10:19
x2sWhere does the default route go to?10:20
MiikasdHow can I check it?10:59
x2sip route11:03
x2sAlso it is possible that there is some caching for the DNS route somewhere...11:04
MiikasdIt shows dns for my ISP11:06
x2sI can't follow11:06
x2swhat shows dns for your ISP?11:06
MiikasdNo sorry, it even doesnt. The "ip route" shows ip for my VPN in dev wlan011:08
x2sthe default route?11:18
MiikasdYou mean the row: default via via dev wlan0 ?11:25
MiikasdWell it says that. And then the dev wlan says [VPN IP] via dev wlan011:27
x2sI'm not totally sure about this right now. But if I remember correctly you need to have the default route set to point through your VPN to have all traffic routed through it.11:27
MiikasdAny clues how I could try it?11:28
x2sIn OpenVPN this should be usually set on the server and the client should do it automatically.11:29
MiikasdI have no clue why it is not even working directly from the VPN settings in gemini pda11:31
MiikasdWith same config which is working in Xperia X 10 III11:31
MiikasdOnly can connect from command line, but then the DNS leak :(11:32
x2sis that your openvpn server? Do you have access to the server.conf?11:32
MiikasdNo, its from NordVPN11:32
x2sThen this should work ootb :|11:33
MiikasdYeah, and it did on 10 III11:36
MiikasdProbably something Gemini PDA related, not suprised :D11:37
x2sHow old is SFOS on it? Does it get the latest versions?11:38
x2sMaybe it's a bug in the client11:38
MiikasdIts running the latest
x2soh, did you try running the openvpn client in verbose mode?11:41
x2sSomewhere it should say something about the default route11:41
MiikasdIll check it in a sec11:47
Miikasdit outputted route_default_gateway=['UNDEF']11:56
x2sthat is weird.12:26
x2scan you try on the other phone as well?12:27
MiikasdHmmm. The DNS leaks also when using openvpn from commandline with 10 III12:35
MiikasdBut not if I use it from the vpn settings12:35
MiikasdThis could be related to IPV6 because I have it set on OFF at 10 III Vpn settings12:38
MiikasdIm calling the openvpn with --block-ipv6 but it doesnt seem to help12:39
MiikasdIt would be nice to known how the "VPN settings" calls the openvpn12:45

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