Saturday, 2023-08-26

malrinigus: noticed a broken link in chum docs in
rinigusmal: indeed :(14:50
malrinigus: tnis snj.14:59
malrinigus: this should replace it
malor the link from that15:00
malnot sure15:00
rinigusmal: will check it out16:02
malrinigus: what kind of testing is needed for packages before submitting those to chum?17:38
rinigusmal: not much, as you submit to chum:testing. that allows you to see whether it compiles and test on your sfos version after it. when ready, submit from :chum:testing to :chum17:40
malah, forgot to make screenshots17:41
malrinigus: does this look ok to you
rinigusmal:  sure, it does. I'll be able to look into it more only tomorrow, sorry. But piggz may check tonight already it you submit it18:45
piggz[m]mal: you want to give it a better tag? and your icon is pointing to my repo ;)19:28
malpiggz[m]: ah, need to fix the icon and also add some screenshot19:29
piggz[m]mal: is there an easy way to get the game data? perhaps the description needs to give instructions?19:30
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