Wednesday, 2023-08-30

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poetasterattah, I posted screens on the printer thread.08:06
poetasterattah, on the one device, wlan0 has not address, wlan1 has a address, seaprint does queries like: connect to port 631 failed: Connection timed out08:15
poetasterattah, trying with a direct URL fails. I wonder why?08:16
piggzpoetaster: i dont know why mediatek designed around multiple wlan adapters!08:26
poetasterpiggz, yeah, it's a bit odd. in any case, a number of network things go south. can't seem to do mdns, can't connect from SDK for qmllive, and some have mentioned hotspot not working, though my tests yesterday it worked fine on rephone and GS5.08:33
poetasterpiggz, the GS5 always comes up on wlan1 and the rephone always on wlan0.08:34
piggz[m]poetaster: i wonder if the hotspot working depends on which adapter connects08:34
poetasterpiggz, well, both worked fine if wifi was off. as I use it, cellular on, wifi off, hotspot on. turning wifi on (rephone) I had to reboot to get hotspot back. but for the usual use case, works.08:36
piggzquirky :)08:38
piggzim sure on android that ap0 interface is suppoed to be used for hotspotting, but im not sure connman supports that08:39
piggzmal: ^^ ?08:39
poetasterhow about this, my cable modem fixed IP (ipv4) just magically went dual stack!08:39
poetasterpiggz, I'll try the gS5 as hotspot now.08:40
poetastercool. I've got a proper IPv6 AND a fixed IPv4. best of both worlds. Maybe that's why I can't do ipp on the volla22 :)08:42
piggz[m]poetaster: if you can, look for a rephone flashable image ;)08:45
poetasterpiggz, I did, but I'm probably not looking in the right place. I have the sources, but that's probably not helpful ;) Maybe I'll just by a phone to extract the image and resell it.08:46
piggz[m]poetaster: does it have a super partition in the image?08:46
piggz[m]its inside that08:46
poetasterpiggz[m], I don't know what you mean.08:47
poetasterpiggz[m], I believe I wiped the rephone with a vollaOS install, but I could try snooping about with adb08:48
poetasterpiggz[m], GS5 41: ap0 is down 42: tether is the up interface for the hotspot. works fine.08:54
poetasterpiggz[m], interesting (or not) is that wlan1 is still up though not connected.08:55
x2sOh, there's a new fairphone coming soon10:22
poetasterpiggz, just did a clean flash of the rephone with vollaOS and everything works. video is fine. I think, maybe, something was corrupted on the first flash?11:10
poetaster@piggz, you running the x23 multi-boot or pure sfos?11:30
poetasterpiggz[m], so, I made the error of trying multiboot and now I can't boot a flashed SFOS. Reflash vollaOS?12:09
piggz[m]no idea, probably :F12:27
poetasterargh. doesn't work. hmmm.12:28
poetasterpiggz[m], how do you get an android base image onto the phone?12:32
piggzthere is that mtk tool12:39
piggz[m]whats the "sailfish refactoring project" ?
piggz[m]it sounds like a very grand name12:42
poetasterpiggz[m], that guy is nuts. he's trying to build the whole stack :) he has a lot of grand ideas about everything.12:51
poetaster'there is that mtk tool' sound like windows ;)12:52
poetasteror do you mean:
piggz[m]poetaster: i think its called spflashtool ?12:58
poetasterpiggz[m], thanks, I'll go looking.13:05
piggz[m]volla provide images somewhere13:06
poetasterpiggz[m], ah, forgot about those.13:06
poetasterah, well. the bootloader manager is written in shell, so I suppose I just woman up hack multiboot on extra lvm partitions.14:17
poetasterheh. old rule #1. just make all partitions bootable. #2 never have more than 4.14:17
poetasterpiggz[m], just had to remove the SD card and it boots from the volla entry15:43
poetasterpiggz, strange but the rephone camera, video recording, which worked fine with vollaOS does not work with SFOS.15:51
attahpoetaster: so you are saying 192.168.178.X is self-assigned somehow? I didn't think SFOS did that16:06
attahthe only reason i can think of to try is that we got a dns-sd response... but if connectivity is borked, then how?16:07
attahMy terrible wifi-direct printer has two SSIDs one open that is only usable for making settings, the other which is password protected is the actual one to use16:08
poetasterno, seaprint get's the correct SSID and the network gives us .... something else is going on.16:08
attah(only one active at a time)16:09
poetastersince the printer works without issue from linux and from SFOS on the Volla/GS290, I think it's just gremlins on the GS5 and rephone. There are other issues.16:09
attahokidok, had not read that far16:10
attahpoetaster: also odd that the icon did not work16:11
poetasterattah, yeah, it 'seemed' to be found/accesible. I didn't get it either, but consider that, like, don't care ;)16:13
attahit seems it got it, but still retried somehow16:13
poetasterattah, ah, ok. I wondered about the repititions but figured you were not immune to a fence post error (ducks and runs).16:16
poetasterattah, I also wonder if my 'miraculous appearance of ipv6' event has anything to do with it. vodaofone in Germany seems like it's run by a million typing monkeys. that got dual stack ip after a decade.16:20
attahStrangelu the internal logic seems ok with the icon16:22
attahthe retry is from attributes being refreshed by the looks of it16:22
poetasterThat could well be. Impatient bloody users.16:22
attahIt is supposed to retry once too, if what it got wasn't 128px16:23
attahso seems it was happy that far16:23
poetasterI wondered why direct entry of the ip (I also tried with ipps:// protocol ) didn't work even when the network was recognized. That was on the GS5 where I couldn't get seaprint working.16:24
poetasterI should look at your code and use the QUrl bit to test what's going on. hmmmm. Is it still in JS or in C++?16:24
attahIt's a mixed mess16:25
attahMostly C++ side that is relevant presumably16:25
poetasterYEAH. That means it's modern.16:25
attahI'm porting most of the guts to vanilla C++16:25
attahbut very slowly16:25
attahIt is probably enough for you to look at what curl says though16:26
poetasterthat request is https not 631, yes?16:27
attahthe icon?16:27
attahhttp or https as per what the attributes said16:28
attahhttp in your case16:28
poetasterah, got it.16:28
attahthe 1300 lists "http:///ipp/icons/128_128.png"16:30
attahBut yours looks good, and somehow still fails16:31
poetasterget's me netX HTTP request aborted17:13
poetasteroops. curl --output 128_selph.png17:15
poetaster worked17:15
poetasterlooks like your are asking on port 80?17:16
attahhuuh... but that's what it told me to do17:17
poetasterit's a printer. not an oracle :)17:18
attahi'm sure it has some java somewhere, just because17:19
poetasterah, 'printer-icons' in the json ... right you are. being led up the garden path.17:22
poetasterI wonder where they hid the xml. they have enough ports open.17:23
attah(JSON IPP is my invention... real IPP is a binary TLV format)17:25
poetasternaja, if there's java there somewhere, there is sure to be xml (dtds, a schema defintion, blah).17:26
poetasterok, so, you parse the binary and transform it for the app?17:27
attahYes. Actually making use of it in the QML side is more of a happy coincidence tho17:27
attahIt started as a crutch for that C++ polymorphism sucks17:28
poetasteryeah, I'm quiet happy with json in js in qml. I have to admit that some of it is laziness :)17:28
attahnot everything is worth more effort17:29
poetasterI was trying to cook up a more efficient mechanism for localization (uhg)
attahLooks concise enough :)17:32
attahAt some point the internal IPP representation is becoming C++...
direc85[m]I'm trying to build so I could apply a patch, but I'm stuck in step one... Do I need platform SDK for this?19:29
direc85[m]Could someone brief me a bit? :)19:30

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