Friday, 2023-09-01

piggz[m]attah: youre on the ball today!19:19
attahpiggz[m]: always!19:31
attahthough not here apparently19:31
attahIf only there was AppSupport on Pinephone Pro19:32
piggzthere is waydroid :)19:33
attahI only really need 2 Android apps, and use at most 419:35
piggzi mean ... if youre buying a pinephone, youre not buying a daily driver just yet19:36
piggzyoure getting it to help me out :D19:36
attahFair... but perhaps a backup to some extent19:36
piggzsure, you can do fun stuff, esp with the keyboard, and a netwrok connection19:37
attahThe EU store ones seems like a bad deal...19:38
attahpiggz: okay... done19:45
piggz[m]you got one?19:45
piggz[m]christ, that puts pressure on me :D19:45
piggzattah: how do you like platform development?19:46
piggzgood :)19:47
attahlike, i kind of had it set up once, and suffered a broken baseline19:47
piggzthings we can work on:19:48
piggz1) check kernel config is optimum19:48
piggz2) ofono19:48
piggz3) mesa / lipstick19:48
piggzthats probbaly about it19:48
attahi do 5G as a dayjob, but ofono still looks like rocket surgery to me19:49
attahBut yeah... getting set up and see what happens to look doable sounds just fine to me19:51
piggzi have a _load_ of branches ... there has been a lot of commits to ofono upstream lately that are for the PP modem, so, we need to cherry-pick them ... PR the updates to Jolla, just so they can say no and sit on them for a few years :)19:51
attahI feel a rebase coming on; including some solution to that weird replacement/extension libc19:53
attahor wait... replacement glib?!19:55
malyeah, they for some reason what a smaller one19:57
attahIMO both are stupid; if you want objects, just use C++ already20:01
attahIt may come with additional footguns, but at least it is not like programming with a hammer and chisel20:04

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