Sunday, 2023-09-03

poetasterb100dian[m], turns out, using advanced camera you can record at the correct resolutions on all cameras. interesting is that 192x108 is always listed at the lowest resolution and 1920x1080 exactly is NOT listed. strange.08:35
poetasterb100dian[m], and I'll try that jolla camera idea, thanks!08:35
poetasterb100dian[m], ah, that value is already set. hmmm.08:37
poetasterhmm. on the GS5/rephone camera 2 supports 1920x1080 , camera 0 1920x1088 ! strange.08:41
b100dian[m]Yup, strange. Maybe try a resolution listed by advanced cam in that conf file. Or maybe there's a 'min' resolution setting too?09:33
attahpiggz: don't take things i say as advice... i have no idea what i'm doing19:12

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