Wednesday, 2023-09-06

piggz[m]Mal: an idea... I wonder, would you be able to summarise a list of files/dbus-interfaces/additions that sailfish needs ontop of ofono  (ignoring drivers/ril) .... I wonder if its easier to maintain a fork of them ontop of upstream for the pp modem?07:05
piggz[m]Hi @rainemak... I know youre busy, but pine asked me again today :)07:46
norayri would build dino for sailfish... but to install the sdk i need vm with wayland... so it is complicated.11:03
norayrsomeone please build dino?11:03
malwhat is that dino?11:07
malbased on what I see, that is based on gtk which would make it difficult11:09
norayrmal, oh, why?13:57
norayrgtk supports wayland.13:58
norayrso gtk program should work natively in sailfish. no?13:58
norayrwe don't have a good xmpp client in sailfish. and dino is very good for mobile. its newest development targets mobile and it works under other mobile systems very well.13:59
norayrvery convenient.13:59
malwayland is not the issue, sailfish doesn't have gtk packages, you would have to package all needed gtk packages and build them on chum for example14:03
norayrmaybe i would... but i need sailfish sdk and it only works under... wayland.16:14
norayris there a vm with preinstalled sailfish sdk?16:14
attahpiggz[m]: Pinephone Pro arriving on Friday supposedly17:05
piggzcool, i hope youre not disappointed with my port17:08
attahI expect nothing but the highest quality ;)17:09
Flohackmal. Got a minute for me? Re sensorfw19:13
Flohackmal: I have a specific question on how to obtain initial readings from proximity sensor19:15
piggz[m]attah: we have an interesting conundrum .. to continue with Jolla's ofono, and struggle ti integrate upstream patches ... or switch to upstream ofono, and try to implement all the Jolla bits on top of that19:15
Flohackpiggz: UT is also interested in how this will move forward. Cell broadcast, 5G, eSIM are hot topics where we do not have a good idea yet what to do19:16
piggz[m]Flohack: Jolla's ofono has a cellinfo-netmon plugin ... which may be that cellbroadcast you are talking about?19:17
Flohackpiggz: Cell broadcast is pretty far already, yes. But on all the test alerts we had in various countries there were parsing errors of the payload. Its impossible to test otherwise, but it would be good if we can work with a carrier in a GSM lab to send as many broadcast as we need19:18
attahpiggz[m]: struggle to integrate upstream patches, or struggle to maintain current patches, gotcha :)19:19
piggz[m]Flohack: what version of ofono is used in UT?19:19
piggz[m]attah: exactly19:19
attahGSM (in the specific sense) is kind of doable at home19:19
piggz[m]upstream ofono dev told me he plans to remove glib completely, so going forward, integrating back into our ofono will get harder19:20
Flohackpiggz: I have to check. We ahve used multiple versions over time, trying to get closer to upstream, but with heavy applied patches still. I guess the latest for Android 9/10/11 devices is a bit more what you guys have19:20
attahLTE and NR not so doable19:21
piggz[m]Flohack: im more interested in support for qmimodem and the pinephones .... jolla's ofono will be fine for rilmodem19:21
Flohackpiggz: I agree that this creates additional effort. Yes we also want Pinephone ofc ;)19:21
piggz[m]i have a branch which integrates all the recent upstream ofono commits, with jolla's ofono plugins ... im just scared to try it :D19:23
piggz[m]it was a lot of cherry-picking and fixing last night!19:23
Flohackpiggz: ooof sounds mighty ;)19:23
FlohackLemme ask the guys what exactly do we pull right now19:23
attahwith ELL even?19:24
piggz[m]but im getting tired of re-doing all this ... i wish jolla would bite the bullet, switch to libell and rebase their version on upstream :)19:24
piggz[m]attah: yes, ive packaged libell, and using a few functions from there where the commits used them, was probably < 10 functions19:25
FlohackOk wait piggz so we have still ofono, ofonojolla, ofono-sailfish and ofono-UT?19:25
attah....and are there equivalents of everything, so we could just make a silly adapter-include?19:25
piggz[m]and ofono-piggz :D19:25
attahthe pig-brigade is on fire lately19:26
piggz[m]attah: atm, i need to understand just what jolla added plugin wise .... my initial thought is that if its just a few plugins, we could reimplement them using upstream and ell19:26
Flohackpiggz: Also we have the neverending block of VoLTE. Our efforts in UT were entirely fruitless for the last 2 years or so19:27
malFlohack: sure, just ask19:27
Flohackmal: So our problem is that our repowerd wakes up when a notification arrives, and has to decide to turn on the main screen or not: If proximity is near, phone is in pocket, screen should stay off19:28
Flohackmal: So now in old UT this worked flawlessly, since libhardware or what it was could deliver the correct initial state. It does not work with sensorfw: We always get proximity FAR, only if it would change it would be correct19:29
maldo you keep proximity sensor on all the time or just on-demand?19:29
FlohackNo, on demand it seems19:29
FlohackSame seems to be for ambient lgiht, though there it does not make such a big deal, since a new value will arrive soon after we start the loop19:30
malmce used for controlling when display can be turned on can handle also on-demand proximity sensor, not sure how it was done19:30
Flohackmal: We tried to make an initial dbus read request, but this also delivers the wrong value. Ok lemme take alook19:32
malneed to check how sensorfw does things19:32
malFlohack: which sensorfw backend do you use?19:33
Flohackmal: mal: Need to look, ust a sec19:35
attahpiggz[m]: would the specific parts even have to switch to ell?19:37
Flohackmal:  case PluginType::LIGHT: return "alssensor";19:37
Flohack        case PluginType::PROXIMITY: return "proximitysensor";19:37
malI mean the sensorfw side, hal, binder, iio?19:38
piggzattah: not sure ... that what we need to figure out ... they may in the future if more is removed19:39
piggzthe new plugin stuff added by dennis recently reduces all the boiler-plate code a bunch, and upstream ofono looks in decent shape19:39
piggzplenty of improvemements lately19:39
Flohackmal: hard to tell, we package sensorfw here, idk if we enable specific backends only:
Flohackpiggz: We use currently as a base for packaging19:43
piggzFlohack: intersting, you use jollas version .. i assumed you used upstream19:43
piggzi guess to support rilmodem?19:44
Flohackpiggz: yes I guess we cannot use pure upstream due to the heavy dependency on rilmodem plugin19:44
malFlohack: well you have hybris and hidl packages there which contain hal and binder backends, the iio backend is in the main package20:03
Flohackmal: I will try to get current config file from overlay20:04
malFlohack: have you monitored sensorfw debug or test output to see if gets any proximity even before display turns on20:05
Flohackmal: No, not really20:05
piggzmal: attah
attahYeah... that's a diff alright20:19
malpiggz: is that really correct? which branches is that comparing?20:22
piggzno, im just checking ... my grepping/filtering might have taken too much out20:23
malpiggz: for example connman.c is missing from one when it's really always there20:24
piggzmal: looks better now20:26
malpiggz: the second one doesn't seem to be sorted correctly20:28
malhmm, now it looks ok20:28
malpiggz: still some missing things from second column20:30
piggznow? its just the output of:20:34
piggzfind | sort | grep -v "\.git" | grep -v "\.o" | grep -v "\.deps" > ~/ofono-sfos.files20:34
malpiggz: what makes for example storage.c and voicecall.c to not be there in second list20:36
piggzhmmm, my grep magic must be failing20:38
piggzyoure right, its there20:38
piggzmal: there, fixed that one20:39
malpiggz: is that grep "\.o" accidentally removing all with o20:39
piggzmaybe a piped to wrong file :)20:40
piggzso, there is a bunch of stuff in src/ and some extra plugins ?20:42
malpiggz: can you update the diff20:47
piggzmal: i think you just refresh?20:48
piggznow you made me delete it :D20:48
piggzone sec....20:48
malnothing changes, those files were still missing20:48
malnot that bad diff anymore20:55
malpiggz: most the new files in our version for exposing stuff to our plugins21:01
piggz[m]mal: yeah, i guess its a case if trying to implement the bare minimum to make the voicecall-ui happy initially21:08

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