Sunday, 2023-09-17

rinigusdracks: I may have accidentally forgot to check some box while making the release at GitHub. .21 is the latest one. Wasn't aware that,.24 exists05:24
thilo[m]Anyone got an idea how i find the service thats handling a specific dbus path? (org.freedesktop.Notifications)? I guess it is just lipstick, but i wondered if I could have proof for that09:27
thilo[m]Still looking for a better way to postpone the notification popus than just setting visible to false09:28
thilo[m]Okay, educated guessing brought me far enough... ( Question is if i want to modify lipstick... That sounds like a rabbithole ;)09:46
dracks[m]<rinigus> "dracks: I may have accidentally..." <- I think 24 was out this week :)10:45
dracks[m]<mal> "dracks: but if you open the..." <- yes, is where I saw the discrepancy, all good, was only informing10:45
chopixhello guys19:01
chopixanybody knows where to get the whatsapp crypt key on sailfish x19:48

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