Wednesday, 2023-09-27

rubdos[m]It's still weird to me direc85,  I have... (full message at <>)05:42
direc85[m]The patches likely don't affect compiling, but binaries compiled with the new LLVM instead...08:22
direc85[m]Well the patches were there, and made sense to me, so I forwardported them :)08:23
rubdos[m]yeh, so I messed up my own builds then :p08:41
rubdos[m]I'll use yours instead08:41
direc85[m]feel free :)09:59
attahSomething is borked on the forum. Some spammer had had 6/6 posts (all linking to the same nonsense page in necro threads) reported, and still appear to not be banned.16:19
pherjung[m]And no submitted bug reports were processed18:03
attahHmmm, that's a bigger problem18:24
pherjung[m]And the open-sourced projects doesn't inspire confidence18:38
attahAny other time it would have been great news18:39
pherjung[m]Let's hope they willingly go bankrupt to get rid of the Russian shareholder. That what a Swiss firm did18:49
malpherjung[m]: which bugs are you talking about?19:00
pherjung[m]These one
x2suh, maybe I should mark this as a bug?
pherjung[m]There is surely already one. Check before writing a potential duplicate bug report19:26
x2swhich will be hard to find, because a forum is not a bugtracker...19:32
x2soh, found one that fits the description19:34
attahA forum is bad as a bugtracker in many ways... but i'm not sure searching (given a category) is one of them19:36
x2sI just scrolled through the whole list of reports...19:37
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