Wednesday, 2023-10-11

malpoetaster: you probably need BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(Qt5XmlPatterns)07:58
poetastermal, yes! thanks. I'm split between debugging in two apps, so I'm a bit slow.08:11
poetasterI had noticed that pkcgconfig(Qt5Xml) was missing and added, but missed Patterns.08:12
malpoetaster: now BuildRequires: pkgconfig(mlite5) is missing08:28
thilo[m]mal vlagged dcaliste I setup a docker container for building droidmedia for the xa2 and got it running :)08:54
thilo[m]documented it on the forum... maybe this would even be useful somewhere else...
b100dian[m]Wow, you mean we can make a github action now ;)) ? How much time does it take though, does docker have some snapshots to be able to save the initial android build and make an incremental one only?08:56
thilo[m]cloning takes forever, building the docker image takes maybe 2 minutes and building 3:57 on 8 cores09:04
thilo[m]ah that was maybe an incremental build09:04
thilo[m]for a sensible gh actions you would have to vary the setup for the different devices i guess09:05
thilo[m]i guess e.g. that not every device needs python209:05
thilo[m]or at least would have to confirm that09:05
thilo[m]but if having this in gh actions is really useful i could work on that...09:06
thilo[m](in the end, it was easier for me just to go with a docker image than glueing the env together on my pc09:07
b100dian[m]It makes sense and it is probably allowing anybody with the same android base to build, even tho the ubu-chroot from hadk would have worked the for the same, it is good to have one more way to have reproducible builds. I don't think we need github action, it was half a joke. We need to read more of the Camera NDK stuff to understand the code to tweak it :)09:17
b100dian[m]*worked the same09:18
poetasteroh, dear. what did I do to tan(x)10:07
poetastermal, thanks for the push. builds on 4.2 - 4.5.10:07
pherjung[m]poetaster: I'm online if you have the time to help with this issue on Tooter15:41
poetasterah, sure.15:42
poetasterlet me install from chum testing on a new phone. sec.15:43
pherjung[m]I tried with the version on Github and get the same issue15:46
poetasterah, hmmm. ok, upgrade, also get Login screen ....15:47
pherjung[m]ah, you mean it should automatically open amber?15:48
poetasterEnter url on Login page. 2 opens browser, should see user name pass. fill, enter 3. should ask to authorize app. 4. shows 'Close this browser winder' 5. Tooter is logged in. Should stick15:49
poetasterThat just worked for me.15:49
poetasterIt was more of less the same, but in a webview IN the app before. Now, auth is outside the  scope of the tooter app and I never see your password.15:50
pherjung[m]poetaster: Is it the new behavior?15:51
poetasterYes, the new behaviour is Amber. Amber is a method for delegating the auth.15:52
pherjung[m]Are you using IRC or matrix?15:52
poetasterIRC, matrix, xmpp.15:52
poetasterSo, are you not able to log in at all?15:53
pherjung[m]yes, I'm15:53
pherjung[m]I just found strange that I need to open the browser15:53
pherjung[m]and thought it was the ancient way to log in15:54
poetasterWell, the idea is, if the auth is on a web server somewhere, let it be done by a web browser instead of having all the 'standard' web foo in the app too.15:54
pherjung[m]I'm confuse15:55
poetasterIn the main, it just means there is no funky python server running for an internal redirect and tooterb never sees your username/password.15:55
poetastersec, I'll direct you to the very good page by flypid15:55
pherjung[m]so with the new version, I shouldn't see an URL with a local IP address?15:56
pherjung[m]the page from the community news?15:56
poetasterso, when it's 'done' and says close this, then it's succeeded in getting logged in on the outside and got the token (over the localhost redirect) AND passed that on to tooter.15:57
poetasterflypigs explains it better than I could :)15:57
pherjung[m]I was confused because I thought I'll always stay on tooter15:58
poetasterGenerally, unless you revoke the token, this doesn't happen so often as you don't need to log in, just use the device speific token.15:58
poetasterpherung, ya, maybe it IS too confusing.15:58
poetasterpherjung[m], the idea is that tooter doesn't have access to your user account at all. Which really is more secure. AS LONG AS the browser is secure. But that's another issue.16:04
pherjung[m]Ah, I got it. I confused SailfishWebView and AmberView16:04
pherjung[m]That's why I was confused once Tooter asked to open the browser16:05
poetasterYeah, when I took over, I fixed the webview (the SailfishWebView) and added a new redirect server. That worked fine, but it meant 'trusting' ME with your credentials.16:05
poetasterOk, I'll add information to the login screen! I should have done that ANYWAY!16:06
pherjung[m]thanks! And sorry for the misunderstanding :/16:13
poetasterNah, not your fault! I should have added something to the screen!16:17
pherjung[m]well, not if I haven't confused Amber and SailfishWebVie :)16:18
poetasterah, still, the behaviour IS different and related to logging in. One should inform users of the new flow IN THE APP not just the forum :)16:19
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