Wednesday, 2023-10-18

DarkijahThe Devil tries everything: Your post was flagged as spam: the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.08:33
DarkijahI don't care about the feelings of the Satanists, let them be offended - Peace if possible, Truth at all cost.08:33
DarkijahAre we Protestants or not?08:34
DarkijahBaaah, fallen fallen - the people has gone into darkness.08:34
x2sDarkijah: please stop this unrelated posts. They have nothing to do with smartphones or sailfishos.08:34
DarkijahWe are heading for the Roman World Order - and people keep themself willingly blinded while we sell out our Children to that old Snake of Old.08:35
DarkijahWe don't care - look at all the technology - how we are controlled by the software and hardware08:35
x2sAnd please take your pills.08:35
DarkijahYea, good idea, where is my vitamins.08:35
DarkijahYou think the Satanists Planted a Satanic Egyptian Pyramid on the 1 dollar bill, with LATIN writings?08:36
DarkijahWith the all seeing eye at the top representing the Roman Papacy at the top of the Satanic Roman World Order.08:37
x2sYou don't know when to stop, do you?08:38
henk+1 please stop, especially with the preaching/ranting, this is not the place08:40
DarkijahHow can I ever stop when the world is in utter darkness....08:40
DarkijahLike how many of you people believe in Evolution?08:41
DarkijahAnd you should clearly know better.08:41
DarkijahYou think died for the fun of it to make it possible for you to have a Bible in your own tongue?08:41
x2sYou need help.08:41
DarkijahOh, yea I need help for sure.08:42
henkby respecting other people and a place’s topic. feel free to look for a philosophy or politics or religion channel to talk about these things.08:42
DarkijahI have glass in my feet, I need help with.08:42
DarkijahUnd steir des bapst und turken mord!08:42
DarkijahMartin Luther08:42
DarkijahAnyone knows of an app that can record the whole of SailFish while being live?08:43
Darkijahlike screen recording?08:43
DarkijahI would like full screen recording.08:43
DarkijahWe really have a problem, in Denmark the Digital madness is going full stream ahead.08:45
DarkijahMany places you are locked out if you don't have MitID as they call it.08:46
DarkijahCan't get a Phone Subscription many places now - as they want you to verify with it, can trade on the internet or speak to people as they want it to verify you.08:47
DarkijahI have found a way around using internet trade it seems, but there are still many barricades. Even if I can pay with Paypal now, places still want verification throught the digital ID08:47
DarkijahI don't think I can buy a DK domain anymore either.08:48
DarkijahAlthough don't care much about that anyway, as long as I can buy foreign domains. or rent it as it really is.... License.08:48
DarkijahI really like SailFish don't have Google and the the Xperia 10 3 actually holds a pretty long battery time.08:49
Darkijahit has nearly been going for 2 days now.08:49
DarkijahI was thinking of a username......09:02
Darkijahthat would fit the idea of SailFish and still keep the idea of the user being in control.09:02
DarkijahAre you ready?09:02
DarkijahWell... dunno, just a thought09:03
Darkijahuser could also be... Like why have defaultuser.... can you make more users in the system?09:05
henkyes, see settings, under "system" heading there is "users"09:06
DarkijahYea but... will it make another folder....09:07
Darkijahlike defaultuser right... will a new user make a new folder?09:07
Darkijahwith user files09:07
Darkijahinteresting it restarts09:07
Darkijahinteresting... although not sure what I can use extra users for...09:10
DarkijahI guess it was more in the old days that you would need multiple users as most have there own mobile these days.09:11
DarkijahBut do anyone knows any way of streaming the whole screen of the mobile?09:13
Darkijahto youtube or something.09:13
Darkijahor record the whole screen09:13
Darkijahat the very least.09:13
DarkijahAhhh yea it does seem to make a folder it seems09:15
DarkijahWhat is the point of users?09:40
Darkijahseems there is the same apps from the admin account09:40
Darkijahahh some apps are removed others are not it seeems09:47
Darkijahwell whatever09:47
DarkijahDo I need anything installed for the mobile to be found in Linux for File transfer?09:50
*** rdr_ is now known as rdr09:51
henk"be found in linux"? be found by what?10:30
Darkijahbe what found in Linux?13:47
DarkijahI remember 5 seconds at a time - my span of remembering is very short henk13:47
DarkijahSeems I stirred up a whole next of wasps going wild on stinging my posts.13:48
DarkijahWhy don't you just let people choose the folder name in the beginning? Or let them rename it after entered the system.15:12
DarkijahHow hard is it actually to change the name from the defaultuser to something else and have it work?15:12
Darkijahit is Linux correct, and we have root?15:12
DarkijahLike a line of code or something?15:12

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