Monday, 2023-11-20

entileg: my xperia 10iii has as flawless an android experience as can be, ie. I use it for a lot of things that don't exist for sailfish, like banking and charging my ev08:48
entileg: location's a bit of a joke but ev charging stations don't usually need location to work, so I never investigated if it's the gps chip or something in android or whatever, I just can't care enough, but there's been like one android app maybe ever that complained it won't install, though I can't even remember which one, why I wanted to install it, and it probably was a non-apk install08:50
direc85[m]entil: nice!09:11
egentil: I'm very grad to hear all this. 10 III sounds like whole different breed than my late Xperia 10 was. Location would be very nice, but of course it didn't work in xperia 10 too, and I survived, so... How about the echoing issue in phone calls which people still seem to be compleining about?09:23
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entileg: I have nfi about echoing issues, and location may just be me not having the service on for long enough to get a good satellite signal, I really can't stress enough how little I care :P I'm old enough to have been around paper(!) maps and all my older phones had really bad gps so I just don't11:13
entildirec85[m]: nice, sure, but what we need is a community 10iv port with pull requests to jolla so they can bundle it with android support11:13
entilmy 10plus, which is my non-work phone, is getting seriously awful to use, it chokes on the amount of images I have in the gallery etc11:14
egActually my 10 was a plus model too. I too use a paper maps sometimes, and I'm too very used to non-functioning location on my phones, so I can live without that feature. I hung on original Jolla phone longer than really was wise at all, and same goes with Nokia N900. I had several of both in a row. I really would have loved to use them even longer. Not the least important thing was they both had was a11:40
egphysical qwerty keyboard. AND a reasonable size compared to these contemporary giants. I've never had or used an Android phone or an Iphone, nor would I ever want to.11:40
direc85[m]Full X10IV support would indeed be great...15:01
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b100dian[m]Has anything changed regarding OBS webhook support? I get "Files could not be expanded: service error: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/run/webhook.lockfile.lck' " when adding a webhook service tag20:40
malKeto: ^20:45
Ketob100dian[m]: Now it might work21:33
b100dian[m]Keto: it saved the service file and started building, thank you! I will report back if it actually doesn't do webhook things, but I am hopeful21:35

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