Sunday, 2023-12-10

direc85[m]We're still waiting for the remaining cross-* packages for aarch64 and armv7hl so we could bump Whisperfish to Rust 1.72... Any updates on this?08:06
nephrosmal: sorry - mostly lurking here. stil need me?10:14
malnephros: not really, I was just thinking of the protobuf PR11:16
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attahHmmm... my thermal camera app can access the thermal camera even without camera permissions... can't help byt think other /dev/video will be similarly accessible19:45
poetasterattah, did you have a look at karry's time lapse tools? I think the qml type is called TimelapseImage or TimelapseCapture. Been a while.20:51
attahpoetaster: no... i tried the same thing again and now it worked20:51
attahthen i optimized it some20:52
poetasterah, go figure :)20:52
attahThat's not how it's supposed to work... but i'll take it!20:52
malneed to check that permission issue20:54
attahI took a "thermie" with the app... so i guess it works now20:56
b100dian[m]Wow. Look at the ice glasses. Looks great!20:58
maldo those numbers show minimum, average and maximum?20:58
malor median20:58
attahmin/max/center20:59 i can point it at stuff that isn't min/max20:59
malah, should have noticed it was in the center20:59
malwould be nice to have some kind legend in that with couple values to show what colors mean as temperature21:02
b100dian[m]Hah, feature requests already:))21:03
attahYeah... should be pretty doable21:03
attahIsn't that how app development works? (:21:04
malsomething like in that21:04
attahIt would be moving fairly fast though21:05
malis the color vs temperature different each time?21:05
attahyes... though perhaps most cases it doesn't actually move too much21:06
attahThe capture gets me two images; one to show the user, and one with thermal data21:07
malyeah, I was thinking if it would be possible to fix it and change the scale only if input goes out of range21:07
attahI'd probably lose a lot of (graphical) detail that way21:08
malhmm, really?21:08
malif you select range based on first image? and only change when needed, then you would have quite suitable range for most use cases and should have enough detail21:10
attahThing is that the range of the second is muuuch higher than the first21:11
malhmm, ok21:11
malso it's slow to react?21:11
attahfirst is regular greyscale, second is 14-bit fixed-point degrees Kelvin21:11
attahthe greyscale is clamped to what is needed by the camera already21:12
b100dian[m]Kelvin means you can measure the end of the universe, but also the big bang :)21:13
piggz[m]mal: no comment on ?21:35
malforgot about that21:37
malpiggz[m]: I need to verify some time next week how the patching went with multiple spec files, I have a feeling all patches need to be in all spec files, something about the obs gate21:40

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