Friday, 2023-12-29

rubdos[m]mal, direc85, would it make sense to share a channel on the rust/llvm/statx work, to keep the noise down here?  I'm getting gossip from direc85, and it might be a bit too much noise for in here?09:52
tortoisedocahoi ahoi12:24
tortoisedoctrying to run an android app on my xperia 10 II12:24
tortoisedocbut app crashes12:24
tortoisedocrequired Playstore -> have solved with microg12:24
tortoisedocnow I get an exception12:24
tortoisedoc^here's the log12:25
tortoisedocmaybe should do a bug report too?12:25
tortoisedocapp is evbox'12:25
tortoisedocversion of sfos is latest12:26
rubdos[m]Why do people with interesting apps leave immediately? :(12:59
rubdos[m]evbox app sounds useful12:59
rubdos[m]I have a plethora of charging apps, and I also have my Xperia 10 IV  with Android permanently in my car when I go further from home than 50km.12:59
rubdos[m]mal: Rust 1.73.0 seems to compile for me.13:00
rubdos[m](with my statx-revert patch)13:00
rubdos[m]I'm moving on to 1.75 now.13:00
rubdos[m]If you indeed patch out statx, it's two patches you should delete from my PRs and everything should be happy and ready.13:00
rubdos[m]and that too seems to compile ^.^13:21
malrubdos[m]: rust build itself is not the issue but cross compiling using it is13:54
tortoisedoc@rubdos[m] hei, im back now (for short time)14:29
tortoisedocfor some reason, the APK of EVDriver seems to fail launch (but not installation) :14:30
tortoisedocComponentInfo{com.everon.evdriver.hey/com.everon.evdriver.presentation.splash.SplashActivity}: android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #32 in com.everon.evdriver.hey:layout/view_custom_snackbar: Binary XML file line #32 in com.everon.evdriver.hey:layout/view_custom_snackbar: Error inflating class TextView14:30
tortoisedocthis is in fact an android-level / java exception14:30
tortoisedocalso I seem to have alot of these:14:35
tortoisedoc>12-29 14:35:23.221  2927  2927 E RQBalance-PowerHAL-Hints: Error opening /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuquiet/rqbalance/cluster_freq_vote_max: No such file or directory14:35
tortoisedocthe app seems to rely on firebase14:47
tortoisedocbut I doubt this would be a problem...?14:47
tortoisedoccreaed a bug report14:55
rubdos[m]mal: I heard so from direc85.  At least we have the current patches rebased now.  I think I can have a look tomorrow to the building itself.  Have you looked at it yourself yet?  Just to avoid duplicate effort.16:37
rubdos[m]tortoisedoc (however you saw that message, I see a /part on the Matrix side): I'm not at all an Android specialist, but I think it might be useful to have some central discussion (e.g. on the forum) about EV apps in general!16:40
rubdos[m]For example, I have the Shell app, and I used to have the Bonnet app but that required GPS and that failed on me too often for Bonnet to be useful.16:41
rubdos[m]People like Nokius would also read the topic, although they're not using SFOS as daily anymore.16:41
rubdos[m]I'm kicking of said topic :)16:53
rubdos[m] there.17:01
rubdos[m]mal: 1.75 update: direc85 reports it yields the same errors as 1.72.  So if you find a patch, I suggest I port it forward and get 1.75 out while it's still hot!22:26
malrubdos[m]: yeah, I have an idea about that but my attempts didn't help yet, need to see whether the idea is not correct or if I just did something wrong with my changes22:39
rubdos[m]If you want a second pair of eyes, please do push your patch somewhere and I will gladly have a look around22:40

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