Friday, 2024-01-05

* piggz[m] uploaded an image: (3004KiB) < >12:19
direc85[m]I do not know what that device is, but I'm excited anyway!15:07
henk»We are only able to repair smartphones within 24 months after purchase, if i saw it correctly the phone has been bought in 2021 which means that this phone does not have any warranty anymore and unfortunatly can't be repaired.« gigaset’s response WRT the "phantom touches" issues I have with gs290 …15:23
Solrac[m]Hello. @u@ I know this quite the niche question but, has anyone with a Amazfit GTR2 tried to  install a watchface via Amazfish?15:56
malpiggz[m]: ^16:27
piggz[m]<Solrac[m]> "Hello. @u@ I know this quite the..." <- i have indeed, as the author of said application :)16:28
piggz[m]and owner of a gtr216:28
Solrac[m]piggz[m]: May I ask what faces you installed? I've made one and downloaded some, but all result in a compatibility error16:32
Solrac[m]I also tried running it on via the terminal but there are no logs, besides qml information16:33
piggz[m]I installed this ... download is hadnled by the deamon, so you need the logs from the journal ... gtr2 uses UIHH format watchfaces, not the older HMDIAL format16:34
Solrac[m]piggz[m]: How can I tell what format it's using? The Watchface I designed was done in Amazfit's official designer webapp.16:35
piggz[m]open in a hex editor, look at the first few characters16:35
Solrac[m]in the source.bin I presume?16:36
piggz[m]i presume ... if thats the file youre trying to send16:36
Solrac[m]So this is where I need to refresh my memory. The Zepp Watch Designer gives you a .zab file, which is a zip file containing the dial.bin (which is 1.7mb in my case), a manifest.json and another zip, which contains the source.bin (which is 282.8kb for me) The AmzfitWatchfaces sites, irrc takes the source.bin files, I downloaded mine... (full message at <>)16:43
Solrac[m]though, I guess it's worth documenting the compatible format16:43
piggz[m]amazfish does a bunch of checks to determine the file type, and wont send it if its not recognised16:49
Solrac[m]<piggz[m]> "amazfish does a bunch of..." <-
Solrac[m]After reworking the watchface, I managed to update it and fix the bugs. And after checking the .zab/, it is indeed a UIHH  format watch. So I decided to upload it and it worked mostly fine!! (Tempature isn't displaying)19:55
Solrac[m]That was quite the wild ride.19:55
piggz[m]great, well done19:56
rubdos[m] A nice round number for a merge request that cool. Thanks to mal and rainemak for helping us a lot with this.22:01
rubdos[m]It's going to be merged very soon now :)22:01
direc85[m]Thank you for all the help indeed! It feels great to get that monster finally in mergeable shape!22:03
malI still need to think what is the best way to handle the tmp path issue in cross builds22:05
malso that all spec files wouldn't need patching22:05
direc85[m]I have one idea about how to approach that from the compiler code side, I should have some time some time tomorrow (today).23:43

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