Tuesday, 2024-01-23

nephrosMiikasd: Does it have to connect to something in FirstPage? If you have your properties defined in ApplicationWindow, you can access them from Cover more easily.06:41
nephrosIf you need to access something from *any* page, one other option is making a QML Singleton.06:42
Miikasdnephros: Yes, I tried to connect to signal which was defined and emitted in the FirstPage, but I was not able to do it the CoverPage07:08
MiikasdLater I tried to define it in the appwindow, then the connection worked in FirstPage, but not in CoverPage07:09
MiikasdI look into the QML Singleton, if I can't get the signal process to work, thanks for the info :)07:10
nephrosMiikasd: If you receive the signal in FirstPage, just store its information in a property in App window, and in cover, have an Connections { target: app; onPropertyFooChanged: {} } which reacts on the app property. NOTE: in the Connections component, you can use *either* onFooChanged: *or* function fooChanged() but not mix them.08:17
Miikasdnephros: Thanks, I will try this. I'll make some kind of "Minimal NOT working example", if I cant still figure it out.08:21
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