Wednesday, 2024-02-07

BlumenkraftAfter installing Chrome from Aurora Store, it also has loaded and updated trichromelibrary with it. Now i can there are files of multiple (old?) versions of trichromelibrary under subdirs of /home/.android/ and i counted they take approx. 4,5 gigabytes of space.21:06
BlumenkraftUninstalling Chrome did not remove them. Does anyone know a good way to clean them up, or should i just leave them be, and wait for the next possible reflash.21:07
Blumenkrafts/Now i can/Now i can see/g21:08
malhmm, strange that those are not cleaned when old one is not needed21:13
BlumenkraftIndeed so21:13
malI can ask internally at jolla about that tomorrow21:14
BlumenkraftIf it's not too much to ask. :)21:14
BlumenkraftI'm not sure if it's not actually an SFOS problem, but a problem with Aurora Store.21:15
BlumenkraftBut they are gradually taking up a lot of space.21:16
b100dian[m]sounds like dodecachromelibrary to me:) It happens to other it seems:
BlumenkraftYes, actually i read that same thread. There is also something about it in XDA forum.21:18
malyeah, it might be ok to remove the old ones, or move then out temporarily to test21:18
BlumenkraftI just might try moving the some day, if it doesn't cause any major problems. (Most likely it shouldn't.)21:19
Blumenkraftthe, them21:19
BlumenkraftAnyhoo, thanks for the tip. Though this is not a major concern but still something to be tackled.21:21

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