Tuesday, 2024-02-13

malwhat do you need to know?01:18
Mister_Magistermal: nothing anymore sorry to bother but i was inch away about shooting you message "so mal… how good is your scenegraph knowledge" xd11:32
Mister_Magistermal: but different question, why does android leak memory so much? When i valgrind my app there's seemingly no memory leaks in my app and all of them come from sfos, mostly from android. Like rotating screen twice gives me 0.2MB more  ram usage11:33
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malMister_Magister: which android base, what kind of leaks do those appear to be based on valgrind, it is possible some issues could be because of libhybris and it might need fixing11:58
Mister_Magistermal: many bases like my phone is on 18.1 i think, even official phone has same thing11:59
Mister_Magistermal: i can run valgrind and send u the file11:59
malI did notice some spam in valgrind while updating sdl to latest version but that happened only during start of the app not during rotation, maybe qt is different12:00
Mister_MagisterI'm doing also bunch of opengl/scenegraph stuff so yeah more custom usecase12:50
Mister_Magisterprobably some edgecases12:50
Mister_Magisteri'm always doing something custom aren't i14:18
mornfalli have an odd issue with appsupport… mpris-proxy seems to work fine, events show up in dbus, and next/prev/pause work in an android player, but not play (except in some rare circumstances, like right after a reboot, when it works)21:05
mornfall(though perhaps i am in the wrong place to ask about this?)21:05
mornfalland on an unrelated note, there's recently been some talk about jolla/sfos coming back from the dead once more… any more details on that? :-)21:08
malmornfall: this has some info about that https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/sailfish-community-news-30th-november-jolla-reborn/1747321:12
malmornfall: how do you try to control pause/play?21:13
mornfallbluetooth headphones21:14
mornfallbut the bluetooth part presumably works, given that the event shows up on dbus21:14
mornfallthe player in question does show up on the lock screen and the play button there works, interestingly enough21:16
mornfallthe lock screen button triggers this: destination=org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.alien.com.spotify.music serial=3046 path=/org/mpris/MediaPlayer2; interface=org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player; member=PlayPause21:18
mornfallwhile mpris (bluetooth headphones) trigger: destination=:1.157 serial=36 path=/org/mpris/MediaPlayer2; interface=org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player; member=Play21:19
malmornfall: ok, do the headphones have just single button for pause/play and separate ones for previous and next?21:30
mornfallinteresting, so PlayPause works (starts playback), but not Play, with otherwise identical message21:30
mornfallmal: there's a single play/pause/accept call control21:31
mornfalland yes, prev/next are separate21:31
mornfallguess if i can convince mpris-proxy to send PlayPause instead of Play on that control, it'd work21:31
malok, I have had some issues with that also sometimes, not sure what was causing those, last time I tested it worked (but I used development build in my test, I should test on a 4.5.0 device also)21:32
mornfalloh! it perhaps doesn't actually use mpris-proxy… it's AVRCP21:32
mornfallno, it does use mpris-proxy… no events if i stop it21:33
attahIs it a general thing or an app-specific thing? For Sailfish apps i did at least have to handle PlayPause explicitly21:36
attahIt wouldn't be impossible that some one app here or there has gotten it wrong, especially if other commands are the norm21:36
mornfallwell this is reverse – both Pause and PlayPause work ok, but not Play; the app in question is appsupport (alien), which makes things more complicated21:37
attahwell... not bothered to hook up the specific ones if the combined is all they ever see natively21:38
attahappsupport could be mapping them straight through is what i'm suggesting21:39
mornfallthe funny part is that it _sometimes_ works, but i don't know if that's because mpris-proxy sometimes sends PlayPause, or because appsupport sometimes recognizes Play21:39
attahvery strange... one would have assumed the whole thing to work intermittently, not just certain commands21:40
attahmaybe if the playback status doesn't show something sensible, there is a fallback of PlayPause?21:40
mornfallrestarting appsupport makes Play work (i am just running dbus-send at this point)21:43
malok, so maybe there is something that gets out of sync in appsupport21:44
mornfallso i have tracked it down to closing and reopening spotify without stopping appsupport (that causes Play to break, though everything else keeps working on the new instance)21:50
malhmm, interesting, I need to test that tomorrow21:51
mornfallmal: thanks; i'll stick around, feel free to ping me22:06

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