Thursday, 2024-02-15

Mister_Magistermal: i've now been consistently killing wayland with my app xd00:44
Mister_MagisterUnknown:0 - The Wayland connection broke. Did the Wayland compositor die?00:45
malhow do you manage to do that?00:50
nephrosServer returned an error: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request06:53
nephroscould not trigger service run for project 'home:nephros:devel:flipperzero' package 'amazfish'06:53
nephros/srv/obs/events/lastnotifications: bad last line at /usr/lib/obs/server/ line 269.06:53
nephros^^^ getting this with osc service rr06:53
nephrosnote that this is the osc from git master (1.5.1)06:54
nephros... but the trigger actually does work.06:55
Mister_Magistermal: justk using my app xd08:38
Thaodannephros: We are aware of the issue and are working on it10:50
ThaodanI noticed the issue yesterday10:50
nephrosThaodan: good to know, thx,11:01
nephrosIs it related to the osc version, or completely server/infra side? Just curious.11:02
Thaodannephros: infra11:10
Ketothat obs/events/lastnotifications issue should be fixed now11:38
piggzThaodan: re ofono/ell ... even if they are using a different ipc library that may be NiH it not still harder for Jolla to work on some custom version of ofono?11:43
Thaodanpiggz: I assume so but I'm not working on those two components14:51
ThaodanJust commenting as a private person now: With all the work behind ofono and so on I wonder why not use nm or mm instead.14:52
piggzThaodan: not sure ... a lot of other mobile OS use MM, but on the flip side, im told that the SFOS port for the pinephone is the most usable!14:58
piggzmaybe MM is NiH when ofono existed?14:59
piggzyet another implemention of QMI, slightly different to the ofono one becuase the spec isnt rock solid14:59
piggzmeans the PP modem fw dev has to take care of 2 possible implementations14:59
piggzofono is throwing out lots of regular releases now .. just days ago there are qmimodem updates, and a new major version .. so, atm looks healthy15:00
Thaodanpiggz: that's exactly the point that it would be easier to share resources this way15:01
ThaodanLast time I heard either ofono or connman had not much development going on15:02
piggzi think there was a worry that ofono was stagnant and goin unmaintained, but that seems to have changed15:02
ThaodanBut I wondered why mm was pushed when ofono was already there.15:02
piggzsure, nih ? :)15:03
ThaodanI asked a purism dev  in Bonn why,  he couldn't really answer except that they were already using nm on the laptops.15:04
piggzif this is the mm git, its last commit was 2 years ago
Thaodanthis was before all the new on work on mm in the last few years15:04
Thaodanthat's the repo15:05
piggzyeah, found it15:05
ThaodanThe other point why I was reminded of that point again ist that connman/ofono reinvent a lot of things instead of using existing components15:05
piggzi think the ll thing is about targetting smaller footprint systems?15:07
piggzThaodan: switch sfos to nm/mm? :)15:11
malquite a huge task15:13
Thaodanpiggz: I think targeting embedded systems was the idea yes but I think the range of resources that one system like a small router vs an enterprise router or a phone has is quite different15:13
Thaodanmal: Indeed. I think we were talking purely about the long term gain.15:14
ThaodanShort term it's a big resource drain of course15:15
piggzif we can get sfos ofono to upstream + some patches for specific apis, i think that would be a good place to be in15:15
piggzlike many other sfos packages15:15
Thaodanfrom packaging point of view the complexity has grown in some areas like python the more we can focus on the Sailfish OS specific parts the better.15:19
malto me python is a mess now, so many dependencies everywhere15:20
Thaodanyeah.. the deeper you look the more there are15:24
ThaodanBUT with newer python packaging creating packaging for new python modules is very easy15:25
Thaodanspec files can be even generate from pypi15:26

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