Friday, 2024-03-01

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nephrosWohoo, first XDG Portal PoC dbus call went through (Screenshot).07:50
nephrosHowever I am getting the message "Screenshot was disabled by device security policy". Where/how is that configured?07:51
nephrosNote: I am calling org.nemomobile.lipstick.saveScreenshot07:52
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piggz[m]nephros: will xdg ports be useful for kirigami apps?08:38
piggz[m]policy error could be a sailjail permission? or be in the dbus security config08:38
nephrospiggz[m]: I don't know yet about Kirigami. I guess yes, but I expect them to perhaps rely on Kde-isms or Plama-isms? ;)08:47
piggz[m]nephros: whats really needed is a file-open dialog .. tokodon opens a kde desktop style dialog and its unusable :)08:47
nephrospolicy error comes from /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/volumecontrol/Screenshot.qml and that looks like MDM Policy.08:48
nephrospiggz[m]: Well, we have Pickers, but we do not have a standalone application to launch. Could be eaily done by e.g. extending lipstick-windowprompt.08:48
nephrosWhich is why I envision the whole Portals thing to be come a tit-for-that kind of implementation ballet between community hackers and Jolla.08:49
nephrosBut first, a working PoC :)08:51
piggz[m]sure :)08:52
nephrosIf you want to play:
nephrosREcommended version for the Flatpak portals is 1.16, later versions require pipewire :) .08:53
nephros(.. which does compile and run but I can't get it to make a sound via Pulse tunnel)08:57
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piggz[m]ill take a look12:57
piggz[m]cool you can now buy devices with SailfishOS again 🙈12:58
Nico1Oh, awesome! :D12:58
nephrosThe PPP thing is great, but as far as I have understood communication could be improved?12:59
rigowhere can I buy the devices again?13:00
piggz[m]ViGe: as youre a sailor .. ill take it thats its all approved and above-board ... ii wasnt sure!13:04
ViGepiggz[m]: Well, I'm actually no longer a sailor, so you shouldn't put too much weight on what I say13:08
piggz[m]oh ok ... might not be above-board then!13:08
inzpiggz[m], re your question on #ofono, the currently active ofono devs seem to be employed by Cruise, so I guess currently most active usage is autonomous cars13:56
piggz[m]inz: hi, yeah i worked that out yesterday13:57
piggz[m]thx :)13:57
sicelopostmarketOS has packaged mce, and I do run Nokia N900 with postmarketOS ... maybe you can guess where I'm going with this :p14:21
siceloi'm toying with the idea of using mce on pmOS to manage a lot of the device stuff, since N900 should already be supported somewhat.14:25
siceloone of the things i'd like to get 'for free' is putting the N900's LED controller to full use. i see
sicelowould you accept patches? not saying i have any right now ... i'm a very terrible programmer. but i could try something over a period of time14:29
malsicelo: has actual led implementations we use (that package has bad name since we have actually disabled all libhybris stuff by default)14:32
malthe paths are actually configurable via settings file in most cases so unless N900 has some very odd led implementation it should be possible to use one of those14:42
siceloso .. for basic LED usage, N900 is like everything else. but the controller has another feature where it can do 'any' patterns without CPU involvement, which is very useful for N900, with the potato CPU :p15:09
sicelothe older mce code had everything in place for that,
siceloi'll have a look at mce-plugin-libhybris though.15:13
siceloa fun thing, when i tested mce in pmos ... the sensing for keyboard slider is inverted, reporting closed, when it's actually open. unless mainline dts got it wrong15:17
rigomy xperia 10 was a hardware disaster compared to the jolla1. The pine64 looks like a very nice phone! Unfortunately too late for me :(17:16
attahpvuorela: Today I learned:
siceloah, indeed it seems the keyboard slide and sw_front_proximity are inverted in mce code.17:50
sicelo vs.
nephrosmal: OBS can't resolve hence tar_git service fails.18:54
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malnephros: which package, is the issue still happening?21:10

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