Saturday, 2024-03-09

glitchapphi, I'm puzzled by some apps not working for certain users apparently due to sailjail, I wonder what can make the apps install and run for some users and not for others:
glitchappI'll be glad for feedback to find out what's the reason09:25
glitchappsince I can not reproduce the problem some users are reporting I would be glad for feedback so that I can apply the needed fix09:46
attahHow are you testing? On some old version without sailjail? Not launching from the app drawer?09:59
nephrosb100dian[m]: PLASMA_INTEGRATION_USE_PORTAL=1 set for qt-runner?10:01
glitchappattah, I have Sailfish OS 3.4 installed from community builds from xda-developers and I can launch my apps from the launcher without issues10:05
glitchappI probably not have sailjail for what some users reported10:06
attahThere's your problem then10:08
glitchappso if all the problem there is is sailjail, I wonder if I solved the problem by naming the folder to match the app's name10:08
attah"the folder" is quite vague10:09
attahAlso; isn't there an emulator that comes with the SDK?10:10
glitchappI've never managed to make the virtual machine work10:10
glitchappI tried everything and became all kind of different errors10:10
glitchappI tried virtual box and docker, none of them work10:11
attahdocker is just for building10:12
attahOf course they work. Lots of people use them,10:12
glitchappI didn't say they don't work, I 've just don't manage to make them work10:13
glitchappthis is the error I become everytime I try to deploy any of the test apps that come with the sdk: 11:15:26: Cannot deploy: Missing Sailfish OS device information in the kit10:15
attahWell; have you configured any devices?10:16
glitchappI added my phone and selected Sailfish device, it never deploys to my phone10:17
glitchappthe virtual machine is not working either10:17
attahAnd you have the correct architectures selected? And the "test" in the devices config passes?10:18
glitchappmm I think it's a wrong version of sailfish , is the 4.5 and my phone is the 3,410:19
attahthat's probably not helpful10:19
attahThat version is quite ancient10:20
glitchappI have a xiaomi 9t and that's the only build I found that works10:20
glitchappif you know any better build please let me know10:20
attahI select phones from SFOS availability, not the other way around10:20
glitchappwell the community ports are listed with all the features that works, and in the list seems that the build is almost fully working... but maybe ancient as you said10:21
glitchappso basically you mean if you don't have a modern fully supported phone you can't deploy or do anything?10:22
attahNo - i really don't know. But that is so ancient that there might be problems10:22
attahYou could us an old SDK presumably...10:23
glitchappright so the only solution is to buy a sony x 10 I guess10:23
attahIf you are going to use the phone at all, that would be a good idea, yes10:24
attahIf you just want to keep it as a toy, and fix the app for some users, the emulator would probably do10:25
glitchappso I can install virtual box and the virtual machine again, but I never managed to deploy any app to it10:26
glitchappnot sure what I did wrong10:26
attahgo at it systematically10:27
attahCheck that virtualbox works at all, then sfos starts in it, and after that faff with deploying10:27
glitchappshould I install the sdk again if I choosed docker last time?10:28
attahagain, docker is just for building10:28
attahthe emulator is virtualbox regardless10:28
glitchappthe virtual machine is being downloaded, hopefully this time works the deployment10:29
glitchappI clicked on deployment on a test app and the qt ide reports: 11:31:49: Start Build Engine: Starting "sailfish-sdk-build-engine:user" virtual machine. and nothing happens I can wait for hours and remains there, the virtual machine is installed but does not start10:33
attahIt's basically impossible to help with that remotely, especially with the lack of information10:34
attahIt sounds like you are not doing things step by step though10:35
attah...e.g. checking that it just builds before adding on deployment10:35
glitchappit does not build either and here is the error:10:38
glitchappCannot deploy: Missing Sailfish OS device information in the kit10:39
glitchapp Error building/deploying project test (Kit: SailfishOS- (in sailfish-sdk-build-engine:xpheres))10:39
glitchapp  When executing the RPM Deploy step10:39
glitchappand this is the error the virtual box gives me: VirtualBox can't enable the AMD-V extension. Please disable the KVM kernel extension, recompile your kernel and reboot (VERR_SVM_IN_USE).10:39
attahthat sounds a lot like a deploy error10:39
attahtry just building10:39
glitchappunfortunatelly I can not change that amd-v option because I'm using another virtual machine that requires it10:40
attahokay, so you know why you have issues, you just didn't tell me about it10:40
glitchappI never use virtual box, I only have experience with qm, so I basically discovered that error right now10:41
glitchappI think I will do my best to install the right sailfish version to deploy directly to my phone... but since my phone has no sailjail I would probably not be able to reproduce the problem users of new versions have10:43
glitchappI found how to install sailfish 3.4, I will come back once I find if I can deploy directly to my phone10:45
glitchappso no success installing the 3.4, it complains that can not connect to docker after downloading and does not install it11:04
glitchappI would rely on feedback to correct the issues with sailjail then...11:05
glitchappanyone interested on test my apps feel free to provide feedback and if they don't work you can always extract the love file and run it from terminal I guess11:06
glitchappfeel free to build or send me a spec that works on sailjail phones and I would build any that do not work, thanks for all the help so far11:08
nephros glitchapp: I just tried and I thinknthe SJ related problem is indeed that love cannot find the .love file because it doesnt have access to the file path.12:43
nephrosOne thing I would do is install all .love files into the same path (e.g. /usr/share/love-apps/, and then ship a sailjail app profile that whitelists that path.12:45
nephrosI can try to ship somehing like that in my l8ve build, but i will not be able to maintain the love code itself.12:54
nephrosglitchapp: also,do you know if any games actually use .mod files? If not I'd remove the dep on modplug.13:08
KetoI linked chum and chum:testing repos to on the obs repository server16:11
KetoCould someone test if they work on .25 now? I still don't have chum installed on any device, sorry :)16:15
malkarry: I forced on my device and it refreshes the repo without issues and apps show in pkcon search output16:22
attahKeto: lots of apps showing up on .25 here16:22
malkarry: sorry16:22
malmeant for keto16:22
b100dian[m]<nephros> "vlagged: PLASMA_INTEGRATION_USE_..." <- thanks, I sonhow missed the name if this env var. Next is trying to see why busctl output is empty, will report back17:14
direc85[m]Which is the most current version in chum?
mal.25 works18:25

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