Tuesday, 2024-03-12

glitchapphi Keto and mal, just in case it helps I would learn how poetaster prepares one example of love2d game on the obs server and though that it may help if then following the same steps I add other games for automatic deployment of rpm builds? I don't have account and that's why I'm asking09:42
nephrosglitchapp: do love games have any binary components that need to be compiled? Or is it all arch-independent data?10:18
glitchappit is all arch independent10:19
nephrosmostly lua right?10:19
glitchappyes, there is glsl but It is disabled on all mobile ports because it does not work and I don't know how to port the glsl code10:20
glitchappmaybe there's no point on automatizing rpm builds then?10:25
glitchappif there's any use of preparing rpm packages for automatic building and I can help with that just let me know10:34
poetasterglitchapp, the main point in automating buils on chum is that downloads are simple and you have support for multiple archs without having to manually do builds12:15
poetasterglitchapp, at some point, I can take a look at the glsl.12:15
glitchappright, I was not sure if there would be any binaries in place to make the work better, but if not then there's no point12:16
glitchappah great, shaders are not critical for any games but they look better with them, in the case of boxclip that is what makes the waterfalls move12:17
piggz[m]nephros: hows the portsl going?16:14
nephrospiggz[m]: well, usable stuff is still the same, added one more called Settings to the dev branch, and did some qdoc commenting.16:17
nephrospiggz[m]: waiting for the outcome of thursdays meeting, then can plan next steps16:17
piggz[m]i might make thursday16:18
nephroscool. I will try very hard too16:18
nephrosCame across the fact that the whole concept basically works against sailjail16:19
nephrosit's by design a break-out-of sandbox thing16:19
nephroswhich makes it useful but also may be a roadblock for official adoption.16:20
piggz[m]well ... isnt the whole portal stuff designed to work with sandboxes like flatpak and snap16:31
nephrospiggz[m]: exactly. and as we can see with the FileOpen, that shows files outside of the sandbox.18:00
nephrosbecause the ui is run outside the box18:00
nephrosfiles are still not accessible via rgular file:// ur to the calling jailed app of course18:02
nephrosthere is supposed to be some kind of security/permission system but I haven't looked into that.18:03
piggz[m]ah ... still, for now i can live with that!18:08
Ketoso it could be basis for dynamic permissions?18:16
Ketoas in ask the user for permission when the app actually needs it?18:17
nephrosKeto: as said, havent looked into it. But yes, the Access portal does ask for permission.18:22
nephrosKeto: plus, polkit rules can be set to all the dbus stuff18:22
nephrosgranted perms after confirmation are saved in PermissionStore18:25

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