Thursday, 2024-03-14

*** rainemak_ is now known as rainemak07:27
malvoidanix[m]: about your question about kernel updates to xperias, I had issues with not sure what went wrong in my tests, it wouldn't build, also upstream seems to have more changes already10:11
voidanix[m]what errors did you get?10:18
malI need to check again10:18
malvoidanix[m]: if you can could you rebase that and pull all upstream changes into it?10:36
voidanix[m]will do, although it should compile10:40
sicelopiggz[m]: nice work re:ofono ... from your blog14:17
piggzthanks ... got signal strength bars working today, and all the CSD tests pass14:17
sicelosuper. what's CSD? (i guess csd from maemo days)14:19
* sicelo doesn't use SFOS14:20
siceloi hope upstream will cooperate :-)14:21
pherjung[m]it's a tool to check your hardware14:23
siceloin passing, going by the blog, sfos supports pinephone. what about librem5?15:04

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