Wednesday, 2024-03-20

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MiikasdCould someone check the "ScreenTime" package, i sent it yesterday to chum:testing?12:50
piggz[m]<Miikasd> "Could someone check the "..." <- I did... It was missing a license, wasnt sure who to contact :)13:36
Miikasdpiggz: Ok, the repo has GPL3 license it, is something else required?13:37
piggz[m]Just needs the .spec updated, think it just said LICENSE13:38
MiikasdAHHH I see. The spec file dayd only LICENSE13:39
MiikasdI'll fix that today13:39
piggz[m]Gr8, ill relook later13:40
MiikasdShould I ping you once thats done? I'll probably do it in the evening13:41
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Miikasdpiggz: I created a new request for ScreenTime in OBS. Hopefully I got it right this time :D17:44
piggz[m]<Miikasd> "piggz: I created a new request..." <- done19:14
Miikasdpiggz: Thank you! Chum is so awesome :)20:08
MiikasdCouldn't see it yet on Chum Web though. How often is that updated?20:09
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b100dian[m]It would be interesting if OBS had a webhook triggered when it fininishes building (chum for example)21:34
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