Monday, 2024-04-01

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direc85[m]<a data-mention-type="user" href="" contenteditable="false">@poetaster</a> I think I'll have a look at Tooter β soon. Anything in particular you'd like to see fixed first? Or do I just pick whatever? :)14:31
direc85[m]I'd like to fix the late notifications, that looks... interesting. I also haven't seen the swipe-doesn't-close issue myself.14:34
direc85[m]There's no login/write support in Discourser, right?18:21
direc85[m]It also chokes on the FSO Whisperfish thread, it has mere 1030 messages x)18:22
rubdosYehhhhh I heard that before18:24
rubdos[m]There were people asking to start a new topic for Whisperfish because of that18:27
henkis it normal that `journalctl -xef` is constantly getting new messages? not a second goes by without anything. I see a lot of kworker, charger_thread, fuelgauge, sshd, dlpt_notify_thr, …20:10
henkthe reason I’m looking at it is because I could have used my hotspot an hour ago and it didn’t work, so now I’m looking into why it didn’t work and these messages are mostly just noise that will get in the way …20:11
henkalso: "Call trace", something with "mce". that doesn’t sound good, does it?20:14
malwhen device is charging it's quite usual to get some spam from kernel for example20:14
malwhich device?20:14
henkmal: gigaset gs290 / volla20:14
malafaik mediatek kernels often spam logs a lot20:15
henkI see, thanks20:16
malbut that backtrace is not very good, not sure if it's critical20:17
henk encfsa-fpd is also not happy, it seems. AFAICT that’s about fingerprints? I don’t use those. any way to shut this up? i.e. disable it completely?20:17
malif display turns on and off without issues not very critical20:17
henkwell, I do have some issues with the touchscreen from time to time but other than that display works fine.20:18
malpiggz[m] would probably know about those things more than me20:18
piggz[m]mtk kernels are very noisy .. we even made some commtis to remove some logging iirc20:20
piggz[m]the encfsa message is normal20:20
malpiggz[m]: does that that backtrace appear in logs often?20:26
henkah, here we go, that’s the errors in journal when I enable hotspot: ISTR something with networking being an issue with waydroid and having to disable something or another but don’t recall what exactly. any ideas what this problem could be about? trying to find more info but if anyone already has any input (:20:27
piggz[m]yes .. comes from when using community encryption iirc20:27
henkfingerprint: ok, thanks20:27
henkhm, nothing in journal. the client just hangs at "obtaining ip address". I have two connman processes running:20:33
henk/usr/sbin/connmand -n -W nl80211 --nobacktrace --noplugin=wifi20:33
henk/usr/sbin/connman-vpnd -n20:33
henkconnmand is listening on port 67 for dhcp:                      *                users:(("connmand",pid=1782,fd=34))20:35
poetasterdirec85[m], heh, tooter should be refactored from the ground up ;) the main issue is worker script concurrency issues. The app is a single page carousel where a single workerscript is called on timers. I'll make an issue that details the todos.20:38
poetasterAnyone every used the UAF42AU from texas instruments?20:39
henkApr 01 22:37:56 VollaPhone connmand[1782]: Inconsistent IP pool management (start not found)20:40
henk is my /etc/connman/main.conf. can anyone pastebin theirs so I can compare? or does anyone see any issues with it? it seems to me like the issue lies with connmand …20:41
henkany advice what else to check why dhcp might be failing?20:41
poetasterhenk, that's a volla (GS290) not a GS5, or?20:42
poetasteror a volla 22?20:43
poetasterhenk, on the mtk volla 22:
henkpoetaster: correct, volla20:44
poetasterok, my gs290 is still 3.4 so I don't think that'll be helpful20:44
poetasterah, sec, I forgot I have a second one ;)20:45
henkmine is on VERSION=" (Struven ketju)"20:45
poetasterah, this one is sec20:46
direc85[m]<rubdos[m]> "There were people asking to..." <- When we get to RC's ;)21:05
direc85[m]<poetaster> "direc85, heh, tooter should be..." <- Refactoring it is! I haven't even looked at the code though, that should happen sometime next week I estimate.21:08

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