Thursday, 2024-04-11

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nephrosmal: OBS throwing some HTTP 500 errors, e.g.
Ketonephros: you can ping me directly with OBS problems :) I'll take a look16:14
nephrosKeto: ok thx. I'm not sure who manages what16:28
KetoI'm removing some intermediate sfos versions from chum:testing and chum, but I'll symlink those on the repository server, in case there are some devices still on those versions17:51
Ketothe annoying part is that when I remove repos from the obs project, it wipes the existing symlinks on the repository server...18:07
nephrosKeto: I guess Chum packagers don't care too much, but some porters might?18:10
nephrosMaybe Chum GUI will have problems when running on an intermediate release - Not sure whether it uses OBS repos or package repos.18:12
Ketoyeah, ports are the ones that might be affected... I don't know if the chum gui talks to obs18:13
nephrosHm, can symlinks be chattr'ed?18:16
Ketorelated to this, 4.6.0 will bring
Ketoso then releaseMajorMinor can be used in the repo url, and we don't need to worry about the patch releases18:20
nephrosInteresting, and seems useful. I wonder which breakages that may bring - I can imageine olf will find *something*.18:21
Ketoand probably with 5.0 we will cut down the full version down to 3 segments18:22
nephrosCool to know. We'll have to do major changes in Patchmanager/Web Catalog then - and I don't have to further my PM project to relax version checking to 2/3 segment versions.18:23
attahSailfish 5 confirmed!18:24
b100dian[m]Haha that never gets old:))18:43
nephrosb100dian[m]: Published February 18, 200418:45
b100dian[m]I've read it.. live I guess :D18:46
Ketothe extra patch version repos have now been removed from chum:testing. but so many projects point to chum that it's a bit difficult18:56
Ketofor chum:testing I also had to go and edit some paths in home projects and branches, but there wasn't too many of those18:58
Ketothough this already freed enough space that it should be fine for a while18:59
Ketosource space is still low, but that is extremely difficult to clean up19:01
nephrosAnything we can do from user side? (yea I know I have a lot of abandoned stuff I should get rid of...)19:09
Ketoyeah, cleaning up your obsolete stuff is always good :)19:12
Ketodeleting projects and packages does not directly delete the source fiels though. it needs to cleaned up with the admin tools, which are a bit fiddly and last time I used them they just caused more trouble :)19:15
nephrosWould the storage support e.g. an Amazon or Backblaze bucket? We could community-finance something like that.19:17
Ketonot really19:24
Ketomoving the community obs on new setup is on the roadmap, and at that point need to make sure that the storage is easily extensible. but unfortunately this does not seem to be happening in the near future19:28
nephrosKeto: FWIW, I deleted the home:nephros:ring project, stuff related to that can be cleaned up.21:46

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