Wednesday, 2024-05-15

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x2swhy is the black Xperia 10 V so much cheaper than the other colors? That'll make it hard to bring some color into my life ;)09:38
NicoYou could buy some paint09:39
NicoJust don't spray the screen09:39
x2sI hate painting out of the depth of my heart.09:40
x2sIt never looks good, when I do it.09:40
NicoJust dunk it in the paint bucket09:40
NicoTakes a few seconds!09:40
x2sand then I will drip paint all over the floor, the walls, the ceiling, my food and the refrigerator.09:41
NicoLook, if you want it done right, you need to pay extra! :D09:41
makrolonhow big of a price difference are we talking about?09:43
x2sthe green one is 50 EUR more09:46
x2sthe white one 20 EUR and the violet 30 EUR09:46
x2sI guess modern phones come without a charger and without a cover?09:47
makrolonso there are four different prices. sheesh :)09:48
makrolonit's quite common for phones to ship without a charger nowadays, yes. personally i think that is a good thing09:48
x2sit is, unless you only have 1.5 A chargers. ;)09:50
makrolonwell, all new phones are usb-c anyways so it's time to get a nice PD charger if you like fast charge times09:51
x2sI never had any problems charging for an hour...09:56
x2sAnd the Xperia 10 VI has been announced. And it's mostly the same as the V...09:58
NicoI just use my laptop charger nowadays to charge my phone09:59
x2sMy laptop still has a regular plug. It's already five years old, but still does the job.10:00
x2sNext one will have USB-C charging as well and then I'll get a dockingstation for it with external display port and stuff10:01
x2sand then I'll have just devices with USB-C :)10:01
makroloni've found usb-c charge cables for pretty much everything, ranging from 2010 laptops to an electric shaver. it's great10:03
ViGemy "old old" laptop doesn't have USB-C charging, as that wasn't a thing at the time. My "old" laptop has USB-C charging, which is awesome when combined with a monitor which doubles as a docking station. My "new" laptop again does not have USB-C charging :(10:07
makrolonhuh, that's odd10:09
x2sphone ordered. Now I'm waiting for the Sauna. ;)10:14
NicoI did add usb charging to one of my older laptops by modding it with a small USB-PD board :310:31
Nico(The charge plug broke all the time anyway)10:31
Solrac[m]what isn't this going to log every event? Is there a way to filter it? Maybe grep?16:33

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