Sunday, 2024-06-02

attahWhat's the primary thread for sound vanishing? I can only fins old/crap ones...08:34
rubdos[m]MicroG 0.3 seems to have ditched the NLP system, is there a thread about that already?13:23
rubdos[m]The local wifi thingy was getting quite useful13:24
rubdos[m]Either that, or I should really reinstall some NLP stuff, because I can't find any information about ditching nor depreciation.13:25
rubdos[m] / apparently.13:40
attahI was just reminded why in don't work with object oriented stuff:
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piggz[m]attah: which part you didnt like? the  lambda, which isnt really O-O .. or the smart pointer stuff?22:07

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