Wednesday, 2024-06-26

entilTomGodden[m]: did you get it going? I wonder if you'd pulled zypper off an sfos version that isn't entirely correct and you'd get further faster with a more appropriate zypper and not need to reflash05:03
TomGodden[m]<entil> "Tom Godden: did you get it going..." <- Didn't get it going :( I got the zypper from the same back of the truck as you did, if I'm not mistaken. My guess is that my install is halfway between two versions.05:37
entilTomGodden[m]: so was mine, but maybe it's not a literal identical halfway but some dependencies are off for you that weren't for me and maybe vice versa05:53
rubdosSomething doesn't make sense, entil. The zypper I sent to you was aarch64. I don't recall where I got that file, probably from the SDK, but didn't you have an Xperia 10?!09:05
rubdosTom just showed me that those RPMs were aarch64, and they obviously don't do anything on his system09:05
entilrubdos: this was my work phone, the 10iii09:12
entilI won't even bother upgrading my old 10plus, it's a turd that barely resembles a phone anymore, nor am I holding my breath for an installer for my dust-magnet 10iv before the .fi holiday month09:12
entiland uname for the 10iii says aarch6409:13
entilTomGodden[m]: what's your phone, again? this may be a source for some confusion :D09:14
rubdosXperia 10 for TomGodden[m], same as mine09:16
entilso there was an attempt to install the aarch64 rpms onto armv7 or whatever the messiness was of those phones?09:18
Ketoum, x10 is aarch6409:22
Ketoah, no09:23
entilyet magickally the rpms are armv709:23
rubdosKeto: both your claims are right ;-)09:25
rubdosx10 is aarch64, and armv7hl too09:25
Ketoyes, 32bit userspace. x10ii had the first fully 64bit system09:28
TomGodden[m]entil: I managed to get it to work now. Thank you so much <311:26
entilTomGodden[m]: good news!11:44
entilTomGodden[m]: glad if I was of any help in the effort :)11:44
apiratfolks, so i reinstalled sailfish on xa2, and right after it, i have this problem: my sailfish gallery doesn't see android_storage section, well there is a section, but everything in is 'empty' while it's not.12:56
apiratit looks like a permission issue.12:56
apiratbut it's weird that it happened right after reinstallation. i don't think i did much things on it to break something.12:56
rubdos[m]Anyone ever tried OpenCL on Sailfish? Is there even a chance it works? :P14:37
rubdos[m]I heard a whisper on github about Vulkan, so...14:38
malrubdos: I did implement opencl in libhybris, I have only tested it a bit with some test code and I think a bit with opencv (can't be sure anymore about that)
TomGodden[m]entil: did you have to toy with anything to get android support working again? alien-dalvik/appsupport fails:
TomGodden[m]I tried removing and reinstalling android support, but that didn't do the trick.19:52
TomGodden[m]I know one potential solution would be to nuke the android directories, but I'd rather avoid that if I can :)19:53
TomGodden[m] * I know one potential solution would be to nuke the android directories, but I'd like to avoid that if I can :)19:53
apiratcan anyone look and tell me what are the permissions of android_storage directory?20:09
rubdosmal: I might check out cl somewhere next week, then. Sounds like fun.  If I get anywhere, I'll show results :)21:18

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