Saturday, 2024-06-29

svuorelaSo. I think I bricked my device updating to sauna (from 4.5.latest). I then tried getting the recovery image from jollashop (4.6). and flashing that seems to take me into reboot loop. Any advice ?19:00
TomGodden[m]svuorela: I needed the 4.5 recovery image.19:01
svuorelahow does one get a 4.5 recovery?19:01
svuorelaI only seem to be able to get the 4.6 image from jollashop19:02
TomGodden[m]svuorela: Keto put the image on a while back, but it seems to be offline again.19:04
TomGodden[m]What device do you have?19:05
svuorelathere seems to be something here - but that seems slightly older than the EULA version ?19:05
TomGodden[m]I used
svuorelamy device is Sony Xperia 10 II, dual SIM (xqau52)19:06
svuorelaI'll try that one then19:06
TomGodden[m](for reference, my device is Sony Xperia 10 dual SIM)19:07
svuorelanow I have recovery mode according to the phone19:09
TomGodden[m]I had these exact issues:
svuorelaI have seen that19:12
svuorelaand it looks very familiar19:13
TomGodden[m]If you have the same issues, you'll need zypper and dependencies for it.19:14
svuorelabut I'm a bit unsure how to get from recovery shell back to working phone. is there a writeup anywhere ?19:14
TomGodden[m]I can try to summarise what I did, but I might forget some steps. And haven't been able to get my android support working yet.19:15
TomGodden[m]It's basically a synopsis from mjtorn's posts in that thread.19:15
svuorelathat forum site is a bit of a disaster with more than 30 messages in a post. figuring out where mjtorn's struggles starts is a bit interesting :/19:18
svuorela# error: %preun(harbour-callrecorder-0.7.4-3.aarch64) scriptlet failed, exit status 119:21
svuorela# error: harbour-callrecorder-0.7.4-3.aarch64: erase failed19:22
svuorelathat definitely the same as mjtorn start19:22
TomGodden[m]**This is how I did it. As always, use your own brain as well :)**... (full message at <>)19:24
svuorelaTomGodden[m]: should I flash it with boot-from-4.6 once done or with boot-from-4.5 ?19:27
TomGodden[m]Wdym with once done? These steps repaired my device for me, so I didn't need to flash anymore.19:27
svuorelaTomGodden[m]: ah. it's a difference between 10 and 10II/10III when leaving recovery one needs to flash a boot image.19:30
TomGodden[m]Ah right... I don't know that. Guess you can try both?19:30
TomGodden[m]entil: what did you do?19:31
attahI thought one would "fastboot boot" and not "fastboot flash" any recovery image...19:32
svuorelaattah: the guidance says flash it to both partitions19:34
TomGodden[m]attah: depends on the device19:34
svuorelaany good ideas where to get zypper from ?19:37
attahthat would account for the difference i guess19:37
attahsvuorela: no second device?19:40
svuorelaattah: something old somewhere in a drawer19:42
attahpresumably not same arch then19:42
attahI could put it somewhere... but need to figure out somewhere19:42
svuorelalikely 32bit, the ones in the drawer (but I have most of the collection...)19:43
svuorelaattah: you can just throw it at ?19:43
attahgood point19:44
svuorelapackagekit is also a bit unfriendly here. It seems to want logind running ...19:44
TomGodden[m]svuorela: indeed, it's why you need zypper I believe19:44
attahYou have mail19:45
attahAs obtained with: pkcon download /tmp zypper on 4.619:45
svuorelaattah: I might need a few more.. libreadline8 and libaugeas0 at least...19:47
TomGodden[m]svuorela: Yes those are the two that i needed as well, so I think you're on the same track :)19:48
TomGodden[m] * **This is how I did it. As always, use your own brain as well :)**... (full message at <>)19:48
svuorelaluckily I'm not completely lost in a linux system :)19:49
attahMore mail19:50
svuorelaattah: if I end up succeeding, I might owe you a poppler review or something.19:50
attahSetting you up for that deliberately19:51
svuorelaoh. I was talking about upstream :)  - but I guess that's also mostly reverting things I did there...19:52
attahStill surprisingly high degree of compatibility with our ancient Qt19:52
attahBut that one i could not figure out, and it has your name on it19:53
svuorelaattah: can I also have libfa1 ?19:55
svuorelaattah: the invokeMethod stuff ?19:55
attahHmm, now my previous fuzzy-search is not as successful19:56
attahi can do libfaad2? xD19:57
TomGodden[m] * **This is how I did it. As always, use your own brain as well :)** Probably back up at least your home directory...... (full message at <>)19:57
svuorelaattah: ah. augeas is utilities, not the library19:58
svuorelaattah: so I probably don't (yet) need libfa1, but I do need some other part of augeas19:58
attahah, there is a libs package indeed19:59
attahYes, the invokeMethod stuff... geriatric Qt doesn't seem to do lambdas there20:00
svuorelaattah: is poppler in sailfish built with nss for signature support ?20:00
attahI honestly don't know... if that's default and picked up by cmake?20:01
svuorelaBuildRequires:  pkgconfig(nss)20:02
svuorelalooks like it is20:02
attahlet me guess i added it without thinking20:02
svuorelaattah: poppler is just used by the documents app, or by other things ?20:03
attahphew... blame says pvuorela20:03
attahI use it in SeaPrint sneaklily20:03
attahand maybe like one openrepos app20:04
svuorelaattah: a quickfix would be to just rever my async api. I don't have a sufficient old Qt around to get the invokeMethod correct20:04
attahSetting up sfdk is really quite easy20:05
svuorelacrap. zypper dup pooped itself half way20:06
attahwhat happened?20:09
svuorelaoh. zypper also popped on rpm.20:10
svuorela# rpm20:10
svuorelarpm: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:10
svuorelaI guess that's why zypper got angry20:10
svuorelazypper dup seems to have downgraded my liblua without doing other stuff20:11
svuorelaand the older one does not make my rpm happy20:13
svuorelacan I has a liblua from 4.6 ? :)20:14
attahcoming up20:15
maldo you have the rpms in cache on device still?20:18
svuorelaI don't :/20:20
svuorelait really looks like my zypper dup was doing a downgrade to 4.5 rather than finishing a upgrade to 4.620:21
svuorela# zypper dup20:21
svuorelazypper: /usr/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26' not found (required by zypper)20:21
attahwhat does ssu think you should be heading towards?20:21
maldo you happen to have platform sdk on your computer?20:21
malit's possible to download the rpms using that and then copy to the device20:22
svuorelaI don't have a platform sdk no, I guess I could get one ...20:23
svuorelaI use my jollaphone as a phone, not as a development target.20:23
malwondering which rpms you need20:24
svuorelaattah: re poppler. might be good enough for you. Until I have detailed read more Qt code, I can't say if it is not racy or not. but it might actually be good enough also for poppler upstream.20:26
attahI went for the revert20:27
attahBut that was indeed much nicer code-wise20:28
svuorelaattah: yeah. it is also only the gpgsm backend of poppler that actually takes advantage of the async 'is this certificate valid' api.20:28
svuorelayeah. finally got enough bits over.21:12
svuorelazypper wants to downgrade me to 4.521:12
svuorelashould I let it do that or ?21:14
malsvuorela: do you have zypper etc from 4.6 or 4.5?21:44
svuorelamal: I ended up updating to 4.621:59
svuorelamal: and now it boots21:59
svuorelaand I can ssh in22:00
svuorelaunfortunately I have forgotten my devel-su password :/22:00
svuorelabut it has a black screen22:00
svuorelaI guess I need to figure out how to switch the devel-su password from recovery mode?22:01
svuorelaI guess it is just the normal password for the defaultuser account ?22:11
svuorelaI guess I_should report somewhere that 'please refuse install if harbour callrecorder is installed' would be a good fix22:24
malyeah, not nice if some app causes that kind of issues22:53

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