Saturday, 2024-07-06

rubdos[m]I'm starting to go crazy with my Xperia 10.  I've replaced the screen twice (someone walked it out of my hands, cracked), and it's still having ghost touches when it's slightly over 30°C.  The hotter, the more frequent the ghost touches.  It's unbearable to use it for more than a minute at a time.  I hope the IV/V images will be there soon.16:01
rubdos[m]<pherjung[m]> "Ruben De Smet: https://linuxfr...." <- Aha! Didn't see your reply16:01
rubdos[m]Oh right I'm going to Prague in September! Almost forgot about that. More vacation 💪16:02
rubdos[m]<pherjung[m]> "Ruben De Smet: https://linuxfr...." <- -> on my Kobo, thanks!16:02
b100dian[m]<rubdos[m]> "Oh right I'm going to Prague..." <- I also got tickets18:18
b100dian[m]I just quit using my 1018:18
b100dian[m]And started a community port since there were no oleds on sailfish then:)18:19
rubdos[m]I quit using a community ported OLED-based device for the X10 🫣18:22
rubdos[m]b100dian[m]: I don't have tickets yet :O18:22
rubdos[m]Are there tickets for the event itself?18:22
b100dian[m]No no, just plane ones18:23
rubdos[m]Oh okay! :D18:23
rubdos[m]I'm still contemplating how to get there. Options are car, plane and train.18:24
b100dian[m]Becaise I figured I am in Schengen only by plane:)18:24
rubdos[m]Right, .ro iirc?18:24
rubdos[m]Don't have to disclose if you don't want to, sorry for that.18:25
rubdos[m]But I seem to recall that from the forum18:25
b100dian[m]Yes. Normally I would have considered train18:25
rubdos[m].ro has such a weird situationship with the EU. I have a Romanian colleague that can't stop complaining about it ;-)18:27
rubdos[m]I'll be happy to meet you all again.18:27
rubdos[m]Train seems to be 10+ hours for me. So either car with a few city trips on the road, or ✈️18:27
b100dian[m]There is no zero knowledge proof that I'm in .ro since we're probably the only ones being part but not fully:))18:27
rubdos[m]Well, if you can encode the EU-partnership as a statement in an NP language, I'll hand you a ZKP.18:28
rubdos[m]Can't make sure that it'll fit in RAM though.18:29

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