08:21:58 <Stskeeps> #startmeeting Nemo bug triage 9/1/2012
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08:22:29 <Stskeeps> we've changed method a bit, so once we've triaged successfully (set prio), we set assignee to not-taken@nemomobile.org, to make sure no bugs slip through the cracks
08:22:42 <Stskeeps> https://bugs.nemomobile.org/buglist.cgi?emailassigned_to1=1&query_format=advanced&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=NEEDINFO&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=TRIAGEDUPSTREAM&bug_status=REOPENED&email1=need-triage&emailtype1=substring is the search we'll go through
08:23:29 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61 - Bug 61 - Package Manager fails to install apps
08:23:31 <veskuh> Ok, I can update the bz while we go ahead
08:23:37 <Stskeeps> ok
08:23:49 <Stskeeps> is there any additional hints in .xsession-errors on this one?
08:23:53 <Stskeeps> i think it's pretty high prio
08:24:49 <Sage> this is probably again the gpg thing
08:25:00 <Sage> if we remove gpg check from repos this probably works
08:25:11 <Stskeeps> mmm, i think it's more sinister
08:25:40 <Stskeeps> as in, unable to sudo to root or alike
08:25:44 <Sage> IIRC the package manager fails when there is question like, gpg doesn't match repository are you sure you want to continue
08:25:56 <veskuh> for zypper you need to be root, do we have something in place so that "user" can install packages?
08:26:20 <Stskeeps> i think so, consolekit/policykit
08:27:10 <Sage> https://bugs.meego.com/show_bug.cgi?id=23139#c7
08:27:15 <Sage> probably that problem?
08:27:30 <Stskeeps> yes
08:27:48 <Stskeeps> packagekit is in nemo now so we can hack as we desire?
08:28:45 <Sage> yes, but would be nice to know if that is the right way still.
08:29:02 <Stskeeps> :nod:
08:29:10 <Stskeeps> any volunteers for assignees?
08:31:05 <Sage> I can give that a go if nobody else wants it
08:31:09 <Stskeeps> k
08:31:14 <Stskeeps> #info assign to sage, prio high
08:32:03 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62 - Bug 62 - Task switcher does not register thumb touch
08:32:22 <Stskeeps> this makes me think of that qt patch we had with sensitivity
08:33:10 <Sage> do we still have it?
08:33:13 <veskuh> On N950 there seems not to be this issue, so that could be the reason
08:33:52 <Stskeeps> Sage: that's what i'm trying to find out
08:34:08 <veskuh> fix was done by lamikr if I recall correctly
08:34:40 <Stskeeps> http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/qt.git;a=blob;f=BMC15323_add_support_for_QT_USE_DRAG_DISTANCE_env_var.patch;h=03ef0eee2f93ac78795ae970721484c8a695ff72;hb=HEAD
08:34:43 <Stskeeps> yes we do
08:34:50 <Stskeeps> do we stil set the env variable in profile?
08:35:13 <Sage> hmmp
08:35:14 <veskuh> That's not enough, we had something else in addition
08:36:04 <Sage> Stskeeps: yes https://build.pub.meego.com/package/view_file?file=n900-qt-mtf-config.sh&package=nokia-n900-configs&project=CE%3AAdaptation%3AN900&srcmd5=ecd495f0336a39f6f0c861799b563b05
08:36:35 <Stskeeps> ask submitter to play with that setting for better result?
08:37:00 <Sage> needs reboot between tests probably
08:37:09 <Stskeeps> right
08:37:16 <Sage> sounds like an idea
08:37:29 <Stskeeps> #info submitter should play with QT_USE_DRAG_DISTANCE=12
08:37:50 <Stskeeps> i'd say medium prio?
08:37:53 <Stskeeps> and NEEDINFO
08:38:06 <Sage> located at /etc/profile.d/n900-qt-mtf-config.sh
08:38:07 <veskuh> yep
08:39:00 <Stskeeps> k
08:39:39 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63 -  Musicself has home and close buttons on top of the screen that do not work
08:39:45 <Stskeeps> #info musicself -> musicshelf ?
08:40:51 <Sage> yes
08:41:01 <Stskeeps> medium priority, as it's mostly cosmetic
08:41:04 <Sage> also we should probably update the app it is 1.0.1 and latest upstream is 1.1.2
08:41:07 <Stskeeps> yes
08:41:13 <Sage> might be fixed in upstream already
08:41:17 <Stskeeps> #info medium, cosmetic - should be updated to 1.1.2
08:43:32 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64 - Bug 64 - Update meegotouch-theme to the latest version
08:43:36 <Stskeeps> task?
08:44:15 <Sage> yes, also no activity in git since bug created so status the same waiting for icons in base theme (?)
08:44:56 <Stskeeps> ok, review at next triage then too?
08:45:45 <veskuh> ok
08:45:47 <Sage> I would say so
08:46:07 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65 - Bug 65 - Remove top bar from settings application
08:46:13 <Stskeeps> same story?
08:46:21 <Sage> yes deps on 64, right veskuh?
08:46:29 <veskuh> Yep, new theme will do it
08:46:56 <Stskeeps> #info re-evaluate for next triage
08:47:08 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66 - Bug 66 - Client for apps.formeego.com
08:47:11 <Stskeeps> high prio?
08:47:20 <Stskeeps> especially with xruxa showing frontend works
08:47:36 <Sage> I agree
08:47:43 <Stskeeps> #info high
08:47:58 <jukkaeklund> +1 :)
08:48:47 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68 -  Bug 68 - People does not save new contact
08:49:00 <Stskeeps> sage disabled --enable-maemo in tracker and logically everything fell apart ;)
08:49:10 <Sage> yes :)
08:49:16 <Stskeeps> assign to sage?
08:49:19 <Sage> I can take this one
08:50:11 <Stskeeps> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69 - Bug 69 - Telepathy not in Nemo
08:50:15 <Stskeeps> task, medium prio?
08:50:35 <Sage> yes, should be set as NEEDINFO as testing needed.
08:50:38 <Stskeeps> ok
08:50:44 <Stskeeps> #info medium, task, NEEDINFO
08:50:49 <Stskeeps> that was the last bug to triage
08:52:01 <Sage> ok
08:52:10 <Stskeeps> thank you all for comngg
08:52:11 <Sage> thx for the triage everyone
08:52:12 <Stskeeps> coming
08:52:15 <veskuh> thanks
08:52:24 <Stskeeps> #endmeeting