#mer-meeting: Platform SDK brainstorm meeting 13/1/2012

Meeting started by Stskeeps at 18:02:42 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. lbt: chroot aproach at first, evolve into disk image (Stskeeps, 18:09:41)
    2. kulve: emphasis on documentation: document difference between SDKs (unlike meego did), document the individual tools/sources to let people port/package for distros (Stskeeps, 18:10:08)
    3. platform sdk needs to be able to function without access to a obs (Stskeeps, 18:13:03)
    4. Make Mer:PlatformSDK OBS project for what goes into the 'image' (Stskeeps, 18:14:18)
    5. package spectacle, mic, qemu, osc, .. what else? for Mer and dependancies (Stskeeps, 18:14:52)
    6. platform SDK needs to be able to function without an account on obs (Stskeeps, 18:15:07)
    7. http://tuomas.kulve.fi/blog/2011/07/09/meego-1-2-armv7-chroot-beta/ (Stskeeps, 18:16:27)
    8. https://source.tizen.org/platform_sbs_install.html (Stskeeps, 18:30:26)
    9. http://maemo-sdk.garage.maemo.org/user-guide.html (Stskeeps, 18:30:32)
    10. offline cache needed/mirror of mer release (experience from linaro tools) (Stskeeps, 18:34:12)
    11. seperation of user /home and 'sdk' (Stskeeps, 18:35:43)
    12. slaine's story: local mirror of fedora. script turning livecd install into devel env, pointing to local mirror, code checked out, turned into rpms, local repo is created. image creator used, parse kickstart file, make a filesystem image for installation/boot (Stskeeps, 18:37:06)
    13. add minimal http server to SDK for built rpm repo serving (lbt, 18:38:32)
    14. need short path from: code, build, deploy, boot (Stskeeps, 18:39:10)
    15. phaeron: one annoying thing with osc is it's slow make clean / unpack again / config again / build again (Stskeeps, 18:40:52)
    16. provide correct prjconf (with OBS added value macros) so offline 'build' is possible (Stskeeps, 18:44:12)
    17. zuh: Android puts build output in a dir which you can 'adb sync' to device. stskeeps: Tizen has 'sdb' (Stskeeps, 18:45:13)
    18. kulve: will start with Mer as soon as getting a Raspberry Pi, test/bugfixes, debian squeeze support by compiling/testing tools (Stskeeps, 18:56:06)
    19. timoph's in, new area (Stskeeps, 18:56:13)
    20. lbt's looking at it, but things to finish first (Stskeeps, 18:56:23)
    21. stskeeps can help mentor (Stskeeps, 18:56:31)
    22. phaeron will pacakge mic, spectacle, osc (Stskeeps, 18:57:24)
    23. slaine'd love to help (Stskeeps, 18:57:32)
    24. timoph takes lead, chair meetings, monitoring progress (Stskeeps, 18:59:21)

Meeting ended at 19:00:58 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. Stskeeps (89)
  2. lbt (67)
  3. timoph (18)
  4. slaine (16)
  5. kulve (10)
  6. phaeron (8)
  7. zuh (4)
  8. zumbi (3)
  9. MerBot (2)
  10. Sage (1)

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