11:00:20 <Sage> #startmeeting Nemo Mobile Steering Group Meeting 31/01/2012
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11:00:42 <Sage> Welcome all to Nemo Mobile Steering Group Meeting. Previous meeting minutes can be seen at http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo#Steering_Group
11:01:42 <Sage> couple of new release have been made after the previous SG meeting
11:02:08 <Sage> #info Latest release announcement (0.20120120.1.NEMO.2012-01-26.1) available at http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg00193.html
11:03:19 <Sage> Also would like to remind all about FOSDEM 2012 that is held on upcoming weekend at Brussels. Lots of nice topics around mobile linux coming including Mer and Nemo Mobile.
11:03:36 <Sage> #info FOSDEM 2012: Open Mobile Linux Devroom: http://www.fosdem.org/2012/schedule/track/open_mobile_linux_devroom
11:03:48 <jukkaeklund> lets show Mer and Nemo there
11:04:08 <jukkaeklund> I am still hoping to have apps.formeego.org client also..
11:04:22 * Sage is bringing N900 and N950 with him with Nemo installed.
11:05:01 <faenil> I think I'll have the image viewer ready by that date (hope it'll be ready earlier actually)...I'm focusing on the pinch to zoom experience, want it to be at least as good as on harmattan
11:05:20 <jukkaeklund> cool
11:06:13 <Sage> Next release is made this Thursday around 17:00 so that is contribution deadline.
11:06:29 <faenil> ok ;)
11:06:50 <Sage> So about 2 days left. :)
11:07:58 <Sage> I think most of us have seen the Mer open governance announcement already?
11:08:08 <Sage> #link http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg00131.html
11:08:56 <Sage> That brings us to next action point which is selecting Nemo Mobile representative to Mer.
11:09:21 <veskuh> Any volunteers?
11:11:20 <Sage> I would suggest mail to ML and ask community if there is interest for this position. So community could suggest users to this position. The suggestions should include description about the users merit and contributions to the project.
11:12:03 <Sage> We could then select among the suggestions in next SG meeting for example(?).
11:12:19 <xruxa> +1
11:12:24 <Sage> Comments?
11:12:46 <jukkaeklund> +1
11:13:13 <veskuh> +1
11:15:15 <Sage> Also this representative should not be already in Mer Governance so following persons should be excluded: Carsten Munk (stskeeps), David Greaves (lbt) or Marko Saukko (sage).
11:15:22 <faenil> sorry guys, wifi is acting up, I have been writing messages but I was offline :(
11:15:35 <lbt> Sage: ... you beat me to it
11:16:06 <Sage> And the member does not nessessarily need to be within the Nemo Mobile Steering Group either IMO.
11:16:15 <faenil> is there any live log so that I can reread messages?
11:16:16 <Sage> It can be though but does not need to.
11:16:41 <lbt> I would be interested in what people think the role of the Nemo representative is
11:16:54 <Sage> faenil: http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-01-31-11.00.log.txt
11:18:07 <lbt> from a disclosure PoV : I'm particularly interested in Nemo's role as a reference vendor; helping Mer to identify issues in the Mer/Nemo interface
11:18:25 <faenil> thanks Sage
11:19:43 <veskuh> If this was a bigger organization I would say the role would be to make sure that role would be to make sure Nemo interests are considered in any decissions.
11:20:19 <veskuh> But as the Advisory Board already has hands on feel about those it may be now a bit more difficult to say
11:20:52 <lbt> I think given the reference vendor role there's an element of anticipation there too
11:21:19 <lbt> and a focus on helping us address potential issues
11:23:23 <lbt> I think Nemo also plays a *big* part in identifying additional collaboration areas
11:23:38 <lbt> for example how is Mer handling python?
11:24:06 <lbt> and how might vendors collaborate to provide a non-Core python package/security mgmt IG ?
11:25:59 <Sage> veskuh: atm. that is true, but I think the role will change more towards looking after Nemo interest when more interst groups join.
11:26:41 <veskuh> Sage: true, and I agree with lbt agreeing on big tech. choices needs planning that takes many view points into account
11:26:55 <Sage> Also I think representative is looking that Nemo can adapt to new Mer structures when there are changes in core and help Mer governace to provide guides how developers can adapt.
11:27:56 <jukkaeklund> make sure that Nemo "use cases" dont break with Mer changes
11:28:59 <lbt> it's also very important to remember that this is a role on the *Mer* AB...
11:29:19 <lbt> other vendors will not be used to contributing to Mer
11:29:32 <lbt> so Nemo has to show the bi-directional nature of membership
11:29:55 <Sage> :nod:
11:30:50 <Sage> So do we agree that we initiate the discussion in ML and ask for proposals for this position?
11:31:58 <Sage> I have at least one more thing to discuss for this meeting. We can come back to this later if we have time.
11:32:28 <faenil> one thing: has anyone been assigned the battery level bug?
11:33:00 <Sage> faenil: not sure, but that should be discussed in bug triage instead.
11:33:08 <faenil> ok ;)
11:33:10 <veskuh> faenil: bugzilla status should have all the info
11:33:42 <veskuh> faenil: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53
11:34:52 <faenil> okay not taken, then I can take care of that after the imageviewer, if I'm up to the task :) Stskeeps told me it shouldn't be a difficult one to fix....end of OT :)
11:36:33 <Sage> ok, I can sent mail to mer-general Mailing list about this Nemo Mobile representative for Mer Governance.
11:36:45 <veskuh> good
11:36:54 <Sage> The another thing to discus is Nemo Mobile steering group.
11:37:08 <Sage> The current steering group for Nemo Mobile (back then MeeGo CE) was announced on November 4th 2011 and it was decided that terms are limited to 3 months.
11:37:29 <Sage> This time has alraedy passed (and is a bit overdue actually :)), so we should elect new steering group for Nemo Mobile as well.
11:37:41 <Sage> I would suggest that mail sent to mer-general and discussion is initiated. Suggestions should include description of persons merit and contributions to the project.
11:37:46 <Sage> Comments?
11:37:51 <faenil> +1
11:38:09 <jukkaeklund> yep
11:38:15 <veskuh> Yep
11:39:59 <Sage> So we can announce the new SG in next SG meeting as well.
11:41:01 <veskuh> One more thing. So far Nokia has been giving support for Nemo. That will (mostly) end after february. So Nemo should no longer reserve spot for Nokia representative in the SG.
11:41:14 <faenil> :(
11:41:15 <jukkaeklund> Q: is missing N9 flashing method of Nemo also a bug issue or?
11:41:56 <jukkaeklund> does Nemo welcome now new vendor representatives?
11:43:19 <veskuh> I think the original SG manifest said that any contributing company is welcome.
11:43:26 <Sage> :nod:
11:43:33 <jukkaeklund> yep
11:43:55 <veskuh> http://wiki.meego.com/ARM/N900/CE_Steering_Group
11:44:06 <veskuh> BTW; That should updated, and moved to Nemo wiki
11:47:17 <Sage> AOB?
11:48:10 <veskuh> Well, the gfx issue could be mentioned even though most read about it already yesterday.
11:48:19 <jukkaeklund> the N9 flashing method, is that a bug issue only?
11:48:39 <faenil> veskuh: tearing?
11:48:41 <Sage> jukkaeklund: what do you mean? Flashing kernel to N9?
11:48:59 <jukkaeklund> Sage, yes so that Nemo can be run
11:49:06 <jukkaeklund> without PC etc
11:49:19 <veskuh> jukkaeklund: Flashing will not be supported by Nokia => no N9 moslo
11:49:22 <faenil> he basically means why isn't it as easy as the flashing procedure on N950, I guess
11:49:32 <jukkaeklund> sure, but there might be ways
11:49:33 <faenil> ouch
11:50:00 <jukkaeklund> marquiz was working on a modified moslo also for N9
11:50:04 <faenil> but moslo is opensource, right? would it be difficult to adapt it?
11:50:22 <jukkaeklund> see above :)
11:50:34 <faenil> ;)
11:51:12 <jukkaeklund> I see very important that Nemo would run easily on N9 since that is the most available HW..
11:51:57 <faenil> yeah..
11:52:31 <faenil> that's top priority if we want Nemo to survive...
11:52:44 <faenil> and attract contributors
11:53:06 <jukkaeklund> right
11:56:21 <phaeron> +1 :)
11:57:54 <Sage> we are running out of time and also things to talk about.
11:58:15 <lbt> I think a clear page on the N9 issue would be a good idea
11:59:21 <veskuh> So the gfx thing. Blanco graphics are now at git, but their license is probably not compatible with us because of Non-Derivates (cc-attribute-nd)
12:00:34 <Sage> ok, time to end meeting as new meeting is starting. Cya and thanks for attending.
12:00:52 <veskuh> thanks, bye
12:00:55 <faenil> bye :)
12:01:10 <Sage> #endmeeting